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    When I got purchased my Merkur HD, I added 10 Merkur blades to the order, and I have have been shaving with them for a week. During the course of that week in addition to reading this forum, I saw some info on shaveblog where I could get Israeli Personnas for a good price, though unfortunately the price wasn't that good, but still miles away from cartridge prices :biggrin: , now I've learned I've had much better options, oh well, I'll live. :ohmy: Tonight I did my first shave with the Israeli's and I liked it so much better than the Merkur blades. I've been reading some good things about Feather's lately and I've been tempted to get a sample pack from LetterK, but to end my rambling if the Merkur's tear up my face would Feather's rip my face to ribbons? How about the others?
    Thanks all.
  2. ouch

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    I love the IP's. They're probably my all around favorite, but, like everything else, each blade has its proponents. I'd be happy to send you a mini sampler of a couple of each, gratis, if you pm me your address. This way you can see for yourself, as there's no substitute for hands on experience. You may well enjoy the Feathers best of all.

    Of course, I do this at the risk of my father reaching from beyond the grave to strangle me for assisting a-- gasp-- Red Sox fan.:eek:
  3. The Merkurs are hard on my face and the Feathers gentle. It depends on your face, your prep, your technique, etc. Don't worry: just give a try, prepping well and paying attention. Light pressure, proper blade angle, etc.
  4. I use Merkur blades in my Futur razor with good results. In the Merkur HD razot I tried Feather blades with good results. Then I tried the Feather blade in the Futur with the setting on 1 1/2 and ended up with razor burn.
    It must depend on alot of different factors. I have not tried any other blades yet. For me, the Feather blades seem to be sharper & require more attention to shaving the correct way! Merkur blades are my personal favorites! Scotty
  5. each blade will preform very different in each razor for each person (wew :smile: ). blades really are a personal choice. i like swedish gilletes the best followed by feathers (in my HD), however my beard hurts just looking at israeli or derby blades. i will say that the feathers are very sharp and require more attention.

    heres where i put the "as always just IMHO" to protect me from the israeli and derby fans :biggrin:

  6. My facial hair is not very coarse so IP's and Derby's are the best for me. I don't think Feathers are for me, even though I have never tried them. I just stick with what works for me. If you are still relatively new to this type of shaving I would recommend you wait until your technique had developed before trying Feathers, otherwise known as the Ninja Blades!!

  7. hi can i request some people to put up reviews (and where they bought) of their razor blades in the review section,
    i have merkur (20blades) and derby (110blades) and both are similar for me except the derby's are much cheaper, i'll add reviews for them now
  8. The Feathers are too sharp for me at the moment, so I've settled on Derbys and bought 100 on Ebay which I'm using as my 'regular' blades.

    Having said that I've also just ordered 100 Feather too, I think as my technique improves I can learn to tame these blades in time.
  9. guenron

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    The LetterK Sampler is really inexpensive enough that you almost owe it to yourself.. Not only do you get the opportunity to experience a broad selection of today's most popular DE blades, but also earn bragging rights on how you survived the ______ blade (substitute your most recent experience). If you don't like a particular blade, you have only to sell, give away, or trash the remaining 4.
  10. I like Walmart Personas for $1.54 a ten pack. I also like Derbys that I bought on Ebay for $15.99 a 100 pack, includes shipping. I think the Wilkinson blades are fine but a little pricey, I think I paid around $4.50 a pack and can't remember if it was 5 or 10 in the pack.

    I do not like the Israli Personnas I bought on Ebay for $20.00 a pack of 200, including shipping. The packaging is really cheesy card stock, which makes getting one blade out a slight pain. The real pain is the extra large dab of glue used to seal the paper wrapper shut. I don't like having to clean the glue off the blade before loading it. I also don't like their short life, but for 10 cents a blade I can change the blade every day and not suffer financial hardship. I just like getting 2-3 shaves from my blades regardless of the price. The IPs I have are really only good for one shave. On the plus side they make good travel blades, since you probably don't want to pack your razor with a blade in it. Even though they are the least expensive blades I have, they cost me about twice as much to use as the Derbys or Walmart Personnas. IPs cost 10 cents per shave, Derbys about 5.33 cents.
  11. Dennis,

    The IP's I bought from Evil Bay did not glue on the wrapper or the blade. The box is just a plain looking white box. I am curious to see if the wrapper is the same as my IP's. Do the have wrappers have the little blue dots or circles on the wrapper?

  12. Rafael,

    There is another thread about this with pictures. They are in red boxes of five.
  13. TimmyBoston

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    I agree with you, I'd like to see more reviews, but I don't think one can adequately review blades without trying all of the major brands. I have only tried Merkur and IP blades and I hope to write reviews of both, but not until I have tried Derby's, Feathers, and Swedish Gilettes. Right now, the Merkurs just seem rough and the IPs smooth but with more experience and comparison that could change a lot.
  14. TimmyBoston

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    Ha! :lol:

    The IPs I bought also have no glue just came in a plain white box and say Super Platinum and made in Israel on the blade itself.
  15. TimmyBoston

    TimmyBoston Moderator Emeritus

    Where's the other thread, I'm curious about these too, since my Israeli Personna's are like Raphael's and nothing like what you've described.

    I like the one's I have, so even if it is something bogus, I'm still happy. But I only get about 4 shaves with them, but I could do worse.
  16. TimmyBoston

    TimmyBoston Moderator Emeritus

    Wow! Check out the link, I think this is something that needs discussion, (Maybe it already has been discussed now that I think about it.) I bought my Israeli Personna blades from a link on shaveblog.com, I paid $25 for a 100 including shipping, which is high from what I've read is high, but I believe they are legitimate. They are the blades from the other thread that come in the plain white box and have "made is Israel" and "Super Platinum"stamped on them. From what I've read, I believe mine to be the real deal, are the other's mislabeled, counterfeit, crap, or just American Personna's?
  17. We don't know. As you read through the threads you will see where Randy from Utah has contacted ASR to ask them that very question. To my knowledge he has not received an answer.
  18. are the derby's made in Turkey?....If so, if we shave with them are we somehow supporting terrorism 20 cents at a time?

    (please read somewhat sarcastically)

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