pics of the montblanc 342 i picked up at a flea maret

Discussion in 'The Nib' started by 72plymsatellite, Aug 10, 2012.

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  4. oops i posted pics not meant for this thread lol
  5. nemo

    nemo Moderator Emeritus

    That's OK, the Montblanc makes up for it. Nice score! Looks like it was well loved.

    Have you tried filling it? The last one of those I used had a really soft, springy nib. And smooth!
  6. yea when i stopped in the bittner pen shop in carmel they filled it for me when they were showing me how it worked. i thought the end cap came off. i didnt realize it worked like a push button by twisting the end cap. they showed me he pelican demonstrator which was cool cuz i got to see how it worked.

    the nib is kinda springy like u mentioned. i really like the way it writes. i just need to work on y cursive. i havent written in cursive since high school.
  7. What a gorgeous pen. Enjoy and keep practicing.
  8. Nice find! I've been going to the wrong kind of flea market!
  9. This is, primarily, a shaving forum. We understand.
  10. Dave258

    Dave258 Moderator Emeritus

    Nice pen, enjoy it!
  11. Austin

    Austin Moderator Emeritus

    Great score!
  12. maxman

    maxman Moderator Emeritus

    Lookin' good!
    The flex or semi flex nibs on the early MB pens are nice.
    I have a 320 that has a semi flex nib.
    Great stuff to write with.
  13. very cool! Thanks for sharing!
  14. the_edski

    the_edski Moderator Emeritus

    Nice find! This is probably the only place where you wont get any "Huh?" posts after adding shaving brush pics to a thread about a pen! :laugh: Thanks for sharing!
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  15. strop

    strop Moderator Emeritus

    Nice pen. I'm definitely not going to the right flea markets. All I usually see are second tier pens with warped bodies, bent nibs, and 39.99 price tags!

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