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  1. Found this in a cigar box of various razors today.
    The only marking I’ve found so far is “PAT. APLD. FOR” on the handle. No serial number is stamped in the head or inner barrel.

    I have spent most of my time looking at razors from the 40s - 50s and now find myself out of my element so to speak. Who can help me figure out more?

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  2. Looks like a double ring to me! If so, an awesome score!
  3. "In a cigar box full of razors." The thing dreams are made of. . .
  4. Two added to the club in one week! Unbelievable. Congrats on the find, I wish I could be so lucky.
  5. Legion

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    Are you kidding me???

    Mate, that is the first ever Gillette, and one of the first of the first, before the patent. You just lucked out big time and it is in great condition. Be gentle when you polish the silver.
  6. Jake

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    Excellent acquisition Tom. You have good razor karma for sure. Your collection of rarities continues to grow. Congratulations!
  7. Lucky ducky
  8. Legion

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    This is mine with the box. There are a few of us here with one, and there is a fair bit of info on the site if you do a search.

  9. Nothing more to be said. The emotions you have caused among us include envy, admiration, surprise, and some of us even hate you :biggrin1:.

    Kidding about the hate part. Man, just stop searching now. You have found the razor that everyone would love to own.
  10. Personally, I think anyone that finds a Double Ring in a cigar box should have to give away every other razor he owns and start shaving with a strait. I'm pretty sure that's a law. It's written down somewhere in all the threads on B&B. Has to be. Should be if it isn't!
  11. Nice one Tom, here is mine.
    Is the wording on yours upside down like mine

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  12. Interesting Mike, my text is flipped the other way. I can read it when the head is up.

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  13. Just amazing....especially that you found in the wild. I cannot wait to see the after pics. She looks amazing. Teeth look straight, no visible cracks from the pics you posted. Very nice find.
  14. Intrigued

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    In a cigar box with a bunch of other razors??? :blink: Did you rescue it???

    Fantastic find! :thumbup:

    According to Krumholz's The Complete Collector's Handbook, the first 55,000 or so Double Rings were unnumbered. Sometime in 1904 they started putting serial numbers on them. The first 25,424 of these carried the markings "PAT. APL'D FOR", as did the unnumbered ones.

    You might want to add it to the Wiki here.
  15. Wow, Nice find, Congrats, Never heard of one with no Serial Number, What does it Mean ?
  16. Intrigued

    Intrigued Contributor

    It means he just found one of the first 55,000 razors that Gillette made. It dates it to early 1904 or before..... :w00t:
  17. WOW! Very nice find...
  18. 1903/04 pre-serial number “PAT. APLD. FOR” Double Ring - very nice find mate - CONGRATS!

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