My blade storage!

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  1. On a air-tight container.


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  2. Like candy in a dish!
  3. NICE...pick a blade, and that's who you are shaving with....i like it.

    kinda looks like a 70's "swingers" bowl...:w00t:

  4. tomorrow i am going to lucky dip my blades! :D
  5. that sounds painful...
  6. That's hilarious!!

    I am way too anal to take them out of their packs and randomly place them in a bowl. I envy your ability to live on the edge Ben369 LOL.
  7. Cool Idea!
  8. this is how ive been getting through the blades i dont like from a few sample packs
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  10. Icebear, is that a Plano fishing tackle box?
  11. Hello Brian,

    no, it's not a fishing tackle box but I guess it's similar. I got it from HomeDepot, I need to check at home for the brand name, it's just 3 bucks and the dimensions are a perfect fit for the blade packages. It closes tightly (2 snaps) so your blade stock will not fall out accidentally. You can put it away upright anywhere in your shaving den, pretty handy I think.
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  13. Hi Brian,

    the brand name is "Rimax", as mentioned I found it at home depot but when I bought the second one they told me it's being discontinued. They have other styles and sizes now (not such a perfect fit anymore).
  14. Thanks for the info. I've got plenty of Plano boxes that are similar that I can try. Never thought about it until I saw your picture.
  15. I saw this in Staples today ($9.97) and thought that it might work. Turns out it's pretty much perfect.


    Here's looking at it from an angle so you get a better idea of overall dimensions and size.


    Each individual box can hold 10 of the 5 blade cardboard packs. Eight vertically and two laying on top for a nice total of 50. The width is such that they just barely touch the sides of the box with enough friction to hold them in place. Plastic cases (Feather/Derby etc.) won't fit in sideways but there is plenty of room for 5 10-packs and I just use one of the inserts that comes out before the first blade to display at the front. 100 bulk blades also fit nicely with most standing vertically and a few laying on top.

    Here is a link to the product page if anyone is interested.
  16. Jeez, I just keep my boxes in an unruly pile next to the rest of my stuff. Maybe I should try and keep them organized :closedeye
  17. There's some truly nice organization going on here.
  18. I bought an index card box from a thrift store for 39ยข. Right now I have 400 blades in there. Not as fancy as some here, but it takes up a minimal amount of space, which is more what I'm looking for.

  19. Index card box, now we're talkin'!
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