Merkur 34C closed comb vs 34C open comb?

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  1. I have a very tough beard! Supposedly the open comb is better for us tough beard guys? Why??? Is the head curved more to be more aggressive because i dont see how an open comb helps to shave a tough beard!?? I know its supposed to comb the hair but i shave every day so my hair isnt long enough for that...
  2. Hmmmm. I have a tough beard also, and use open combs interchangeably with closed combs. I don't notice much difference. I'd say the OC lets part of the blade get closer to the skin, if I had to point out a difference. The biggest difference between DE's is with the Slant Bar. These do seem to give a closer cut.
  3. Thanks for the info! Ive been wondering about the slant bar...cant i just slant my regular de razor on my own by turning my wrist a bit?
  4. :lol:

    Yeah, you can try that, but I find it is better to just turn my head completely sideways and shave with my left hand (eyes closed, of course!).:001_tt2:

    oops. now I'm thinking you may be serious. If you are serious, you can't turn your wrist to duplicate the cut of a slant razor. The slant is a different construction and gives the blade a special opening and twist that can't be obtained any other way. There have to be some photos of a slant head around here somewhere.
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  5. I too have a tough beard and also alternate between an open and a closed comb. I also do not notice that great a difference between the two, but I would agree that with the open comb the blade seems to get a little closer to the skin. I would add that my blade angle always seems to be a little steeper with the open comb even though the head curvature appears to be the same.
  6. I like the looks of the open comb. If you want closeness, there is probably nothing like a slant bar.

    Al raz.
  7. I like the 11C (OC version of 34C) much better than the 34C. Both are good but the OC is smoother.

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