Lathering - a poll.

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How many times do you lather how many passes?

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  1. Can't figure out how to do a poll here so I'll just ask an open ended question.

    How many times, from stropping your blade to putting your blade back in the case, do you lather your face? How many passes.

    For me the answer for both is two..sometimes just once.
  2. I usually do three. I was in a habit of just touching up with a dry face but since I went to three latherings a few months ago, I've enjoyed a better shave with fewer weepers.
  3. Normally 2 with the straight or DE. However if I do a poor job with the straight I will go back over it with the DE.
  4. 4 to 5 with refresher coats, plus a final coat to moisturize at the end that I just rinse off
  5. Well, it's sometimes three, sometimes four, but I always lather once more than I make a pass. I like to lather one more time after I'm all done and let the soap/cream condition my skin a little. It also helps tremendously if I have any nicks or weeps. So, it might be two or three passes, but three or four lathers.
  6. Three would be normal but I have started doing an extra lather when i do the touch up, I think it's a good idea to have lather on the face if you intent to shave.
  7. 3 passes, but then for the touch ups I lather just the zones that need to.
  8. Usually two and a touch up (voted three), if I'm in a hurry two will usually do.
  9. Normally four passes with the straight. Generally will go back and put a little lather on a spot that needs a little more attention, so 4+ on the lathering.
  10. Usually 3. WTG, XTG x 2.
  11. professorchaos

    professorchaos Moderator Emeritus

    Lather, strop, lather, rinse, WTG, rinse, lather, XTG, rinse, lather, ATG, rinse, ATG touch up.
  12. One properly executed pass only. If it took more, I would admit to poor technique.
  13. Wid


    As I have said before; I'd like to see a video of you shaving. There's no way in hell I could get BBS on one pass.
  14. 2, one wtg, one atg and a little touching up on my neck. Straight razor
  15. wtg then atg

    then touchups...

    i voted 3
  16. I could get CCS to DFS on one pass with a new Feather. Never BBS.
  17. 2 is my regular; wtg and then xtg. I do 3 passes if I haven't shaved in a while because I miss shaving. :thumbup:
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  18. Wid


    I can get a passable shave with one pass but whats the use. I want a smooooooooooooth shaved face, I can't do that with one pass with any razor.
  19. Lather, strop, lather, WTG, rinse, lather, ATG, rinse, lather, XTG, rinse, lather, ATG touch up.

    This makes 4 latherings and 4 passes.
  20. professorchaos

    professorchaos Moderator Emeritus

    As would I. Superior technique doesn't produce one pass perfection. If that first and only pass isn't ATG, there's no BBS.

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