Lather Bowl Ideas For Shave Cream?

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  1. I am waiting for my first tube of Speick Shaving Cream from BullGoose Shaving. I am planning on trying Proraso and others. My question is I am planning on using around a 6oz bowl for lather. You guys have any pictures, ideas, places to buy? Please help!:001_unsur
  2. I first used a "berry" bowl but it was too small for me. Next, I got a cheap (cheap = a little smaller) cereal bowl. Then, wanting warm lather, I got a straight sided bowl that would let my curved side cereal bowl sit inside (filled with hot water) and used it as a two piece scuttle. I'm now using Robert's Feats of Clay one piece mid-size scuttle ($29 delivered) and love it. Start in the kitchen (no cost) and try as many shapes and sizes as you can and then you can look around stores. Good luck on your search!
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    I use a corelle cereal bowl... low sides and no clanking and at a buck who can go wrong
  4. I use a large (5" diameter, 3" depth) latte mug. Not sure where I got it, have had it for years and recently applied it to shaving. I have used the small VDH bowl and an Old Spice mug, but find it difficult to build and control my lather. I think a bigger container is the way to go. :thumbup1:
  5. go to the dinnerware section of target. pick one.

    I picked an 8" diameter, white, porcelin, HEAVY soup/cereal bowl.

    It has worked wonderfully.
  6. I put water inside a Crock Pot Little Dipper and set a bowl from Kohl's inside for a nice warm shave.
  7. Thanks for all the great ideas guys! I will head out to my local Target store and check out the porcelain bowls.:biggrin1:
  8. +1. Bought a few of these, and they work great. They are deep enough that they don't throw lather all over the place and wide enough to fit your brush without making the annoying "clinking" sound of smaller lathering vessels. they are on sale at my local BBBeyond for $4 and come in 3 colors (white with green fade, latte with brown fade, and royal blue with navy blue fade).

    You may also like the Norpro chip warmer/cooler from Amazon. Link

    I use the mug for soaps and the chip warmer for creams.
  9. I blew money on an EJ lather bowl and never use it in favor of my $2 walmart cereal bowl.
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    I use a small steel soap dish to lather when I am in a hurry and a larger ceramic breakfast bowl when I have more time. The bowl gives a better result but with more hot lather, I tend to take longer shaving :001_smile
  11. Dollar Store oversized coffee mug. Whats great about a coffee mug is that it has a handle
  12. I've got the target bowl mentioned above. I dropped it last week and it didn't break.
  13. Exactly what I did! Hey, it's a $1 mug. I don't need anything more than that.:001_smile
  14. Sounds like what I used. It wasn't the classiest looking bowl in the world, but it did the job as well as any bowl I ever used. Nowadays, though, I'm a face latherer, and proselytize accordingly.
  15. Corningwear desert / fruit / whatever bowls that measure 5" dia and around 2" deep is one good choice. Another is a french onion soup bowl which will be deeper than the Corningwear :) I've also used a Sierra Cup (favored by backpackers).
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  16. I got fed up and pissed off with looking for a black over sized coffee mug (like that nice one @ BB&B) after trying at least 10 different retail outlets across the city, so I just ordered the damn black Muhle apothecary shaving mug that set me back $50.

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