Is the Semogue Owners Club for me?

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  1. Face lathering advice needed. Here's my history of boar brushes:

    Semogue 2000 = Nice. Soft tips, good scrub, but after it broke in it had a lot of splay and just seemed well...thin on my face. Better for bowl lathering, I think. I sold it.
    Semogue 1305 = Nice, and better for me than the 2000. But after it broke in, it too felt a little thin. I almost kept this one but traded it off.
    Semogue 1460 = Yikes! You could poke an eye out with the backbone. I didn't even break this one in. I sold it.

    Don't get me wrong. What I like about boars, I really like. The backbone, the tip softness. So, is the Semogue Owners Club for me?
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  2. Where is your Omega brush in your journey?

    I traded a Semogue SOC for an Omega and could not be happier. Give the Semogues a rest and try an Omega. Any of the pro series will do.

    Later edit: Actually the SOC has about the least backbone, IMO.
  3. semoques are for me,, your going to have to decide for yourself
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  4. I would answer yes. The SOC would meet both of your requirements, having good backbone with it's 24mm knot and soft tips with it's undyed bristle hair.

    Funny that you mention the backbone of the 1460, for me once it was broken in it has very soft tips and tons of backbone.
  5. Just got mine. Woot. Poking eyes out everywhere. Just kidding. Right out of the box I noticed how much back bone there is but it will be awhile before it's broken in. Love the 620 but hopefully this SOC will shine. Good luck!
  6. jkh


    Good call.

    I don't have a SOC, but I do have the Semogue 09 LE which is the precursor to the SOC. The omega do have a fuller feel, you should check one out.
  7. I agree what John said about the SOC! I rarely use mine as much b/c its fully broken in and the backbone is not there anymore.
  8. Yes! Thanks, guys!

    Please don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking the Semogues, they are immensely popular. I have a Semogue 2000 and prefer it to the SOC, which I got rid of.

    But you have three already. What, is Semogue the only boar brush company on the planet??? Instead of a fourth Semogue, you should get an Omega. Just because it makes sense if you are on a boar hunt journey.
  9. Semogues, and boar brushes in general, can easily have their backbone adjusted. If you feel that it's too soft, lacks backbone, or splays too much then don't soak as much of the hair. Only soak the tips of the brush instead of most of the knot. If you're already doing this and still find it's not stiff enough for you then your face is much tougher than mine.

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