How To Start A Letter To A Friend

Discussion in 'The Nib' started by syngent, Jun 14, 2013.

  1. syngent

    syngent Moderator Emeritus Contributor

    So Ed's getting a little wierded out by me always starting my letters with "My dearest Ed", although Jason never seems to mind

    So I need some ideas on how to addess a dude for a letter

    Any ideas

    With all my love
  2. Shave_Rat

    Shave_Rat Steward

    I've always gone with a simple "Hi Ed," or like "Hey Ed,"...
  3. Rockminer

    Rockminer Contributor

    I just put Ed, then I spill some VEG on it. I always liked getting letters from women that smelled like perfume. I don't know, thought it was nice touch so I decided to carry the tradition on in a manly way. :) Ed however doesn't seem to dig it for some reason LOL.

    Still trying to find out what scent you like best.
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  4. Rockminer

    Rockminer Contributor

    I thought about going with Ed, his Edness, Edder or el Edorino but not sure if he's into the whole brevity thing or not.
  5. Well, you know him.

    "My Dearest Ed"? Really?

    I always start, "Dear Ed", or at least I will if I happen to need to write to an Ed.

    Perhaps this will help, including the comments.
  6. Hirsute

    Hirsute Steward Contributor

    How about "My Darling Schmoopie..."
  7. :lol: I think I have to try this. I have a ton of frag; perhaps it's a good use of CK Euphoria.
  8. I should add that if you do continue with your traditional greeting, you should at least make sure that of all the Edmunds, Edwins, Edgars, and Edwards that you know, he really is the dearest to you. If you wrote to a different Ed, you should use a different salutation, unless of course, you'd changed your mind.

    Or you could go for real confusion and start out your letters to him, "Dear Vladimir."
  9. Dude -

    OK, maybe not. "My dearest Ed" implies that you have more than two. Maybe it's a jealousy thing...
  10. "Hey bud" is about as formal as I would get.
  11. "Dear Sir" would be sufficient.

    I should note that James addresses letters to me with "Andy:".

  12. ouch

    ouch Moderator Contributor

    Dont's forget the x's and o's.
  13. syngent

    syngent Moderator Emeritus Contributor

    Need to start dotting my I's with little hearts...
  14. how about a Yorkshire man's greeting: 'orate ahhh kid' (alright our kid) haha
  15. "Hey yo, eddie" just like andrew dice clay might start a letter
  16. You could try "Your Holiness", "Your Excellency", "Dear Sir or Madam" Or "Salutations Good Sir". Ending with "Warmest Regards".
  17. mark the shoeshine boy

    mark the shoeshine boy Moderator Emeritus

    Ed...I was just thinking about you when I ........
  18. Ed, I hope this letter finds you well...

    Who is this Ed, anyway?
  19. Andy

    Andy Contributor

    How about "Dear Ed" or just "Greetings Ed"
  20. syngent

    syngent Moderator Emeritus Contributor

    The_Edski, Steward of the Brown Leaf, good all around Gent, and legend in his own mind.... Most noted for never going by the name of Bonnie, talking to Wilbur, and is pretty dang good at counting to ten and doing small math at state fairs

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