How many times do you use your DE Blade before you change it?

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  1. To All the B & B Members :biggrin1:

    How many times do you use your DE Blade before you change it?

    I use my Shark Stain-less Steel Blade for seven (7) days, Monday thru Sunday. Also, after every use in the morning...I turn the blade over so that the other side of the Blade edge gets even use :thumbup1:

    My Dad who used a Gillette 'Fat Boy' all his life (now dearly departed...may he Rest in Peace & God Bless his Soul), taught me this 'method' (among other 'tricks of the trade' of Wet-Shaving), when I was a 'wet-behind-the-ears young buck' :blink: many...many 'moons' ago. I find this 'method' very easy to follow :thumbup1:

    Thanx :thumbup:

    Christopher B. Jenkins
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  2. Snargle

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    Only been doing the DE shaving thing for a couple of months, but I find after about 4 days, I start to feel the blade tugging and dragging instead of cutting cleanly. Blades are cheap enough (particularly compared to cartridges!) that I can dump it then and put in a new one.

    Not sure that flipping a blade will have any effect. There's only one edge that does the cutting, and if it's dull, it's dull!
  3. Modern blades I used to throw out after 3 shaves but vintage blades I'd comfortably get 7 days out of.
  4. With most DE blades that I've tried, I get somewhere between three to five shaves. I can pretty reliably get five shaves out of an SE or injector blade.
  5. I'd been changing every three shaves, but have been finding that I can get about five shaves from a Feather, sometimes six. So I've gone to changing blades about once a week, and it seems fine. I'm happy, because this cuts the cost of blades in half.
  6. I get 3 to 5 out of most of my blades, but I regularly got 5 to 8 out of a feather.
  7. maxman

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    I change my Feather every 2 weeks, but I don't shave on Saturdays.
    so, I get about 12 shaves from my blade doing a single pass.
    Now, as of late, I've been doing 2 passes.
    I still change every 2 weeks, but i'm thinking of changing it to every week.
    by the time 2 weeks goes by I wonder if I'm doing my face more harm than good.
  8. I use a blade three times and discard it. Each shave is three passes so I feel that 9 times over my face is enough. There is little doubt that I could extend this, but for what purpose?
  9. I change my blade and razor every 3-4 days doing 4 passes shaves.

  10. Great post Snagle a.k.a. Larry :thumbup:
    And you're need to flip over the blade...I mean there is any one (1), 'edge' regadless which side you use :lol:

    Thanx :001_smile
  11. Great Post Johnmron :thumbup1:

    Come to think about it...since DE Blades are cheap...I'll change my 'method' to change my Blades three (3) times a week (M-W-F) :thumbup:

    I should get a better Wet-Shave...what does the Memebers think? :001_huh:

    Thanx :thumbup1:
  12. I get 5 or 6 shaves out of a blade.
  13. No need to suffer a days irritation over a $.20 Blade. 3 and out for me.
  14. I have been changing after 4 shaves. The blades are very cheap, so I do not have to worry about trying to get as many shaves as possible out of them; like I would do when I used a cartridge.
  15. It's 3-6 for me, depending on the brand. If a shave ever feels rougher than it should, I change it out regardless.
  16. 3 or 4 shaves and that's that, if I use a blade anymore, whatever blade I use. I find the shave poor.
  17. w/ feather blades....well I've been using the same one since the start of July. I only shave 3 times a week, I let it grow so I can enjoy the shaves. Also, working night shifts I never see any brass. So what they don't know wont hurt them.

    Just testing it out, to see how long I can go before I "have" to change it.

    Now, w/ Merkur blades...4 shaves and shes done.

    I favor feathers now that I know a little more about what I'm doing :thumbup:
  18. Well I think this has a lot of factors.

    First the quality of the blade. Better quality blade the longer it will last and the more shaves you will get.

    Toughness of your beard would also have an effect as well. I have a very fast growing tough beard so I am sure that it wears a blade out faster than someone who has a softer less dense beard.

    How many passes you do and per shave would also effect how many days the blade would last.

    Just like most things I have found in DE shaving you just need to do some trial and error and find what works best for you. If you can get 7 days and someone else only gets 3-4 that is fine.

    The important thing is you enjoy the shave :thumbup:
  19. I toss all DE blades after 3 shaves. Testing has shown that while shave 4 is doable, it's almost always of a lesser quality than shaves 1-3. Considering their low cost, I just simply toss them after three uses. :tongue_sm
  20. 3 here. TBH I tend to use cheaper blades, Derbys, store Personnas, Supermax. I imagine that if I used more expensive brands like Feathers or Iridiums they would last longer.

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