How many shaves do you get on your SE GEM PTFE blade?

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How many shaves are you getting with your GEM PTFE group buy Blade?

  1. 1 Shave - I always toss a blade after 1 use

  2. 2 Shaves - never more then 2 shaves with any blade

  3. 3 Shaves - I got a lot so not stretching them

  4. 4 Shaves - about like my DE blades

  5. 5 Shaves - a full work week's worth of shaves

  6. 6 Shaves - starting to show its age

  7. 7 Shaves - good value for the money

  8. 8 Shaves - boy am I gonna save some money now

  9. 9 Shaves - wow this thing is incredible

  10. 10 Shaves - the superman of blades

  11. MORE than 10 Shaves - it will last forever

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  2. brianw

    brianw Moderator Emeritus

    Just had a 10th shave... Ever Ready 1912, showing no signs of getting tossed yet. In all fairness this blade was from last years Group Buy
  3. I have not voted yet as I am still using it. I am on my 9th full shave, and 4th partial shave (where I had only used a SE for one or two passes).

    I guess technically I could say right now 10 plus, but I will wait until I toss the first blade.
  4. Sullybob

    Sullybob Contributor

    I get around seven shaves from each blade.
  5. Havent voted yet; Im on shave number 5 and its still going. GEM 1912
  6. Gam

    Gam Contributor

    I've been using a OCMM and with head and face shaves I get at least 7 shaves per blade,not bad when you count in the head shave too.
  7. I get about 7 shaves!
  8. TCP


    7 Shaves and counting. Believe that it will be 10+, these are great blades.
  9. I usually toss them after about five shaves, but could easily see them going more. I voted on the blade, of which I have many, although I did not do the group buy.
  10. I finally tossed my first blade. 11 shaves and the few partial ones. I hand strop 30 times per side before each shave, not sure if that made any difference at all.

    I think I pushed this blade to the limit, and will probably not go past 9 shaves unless I must. Still got a DFS from the last shave but felt a little tugging.
  11. I regularly do 3 shaves and change - left over from my DE days .. I have gone 5 or 6 SE shaves - but really, why push it at all?

    Gee, my SE razors with coated SE blades just goes right through the whiskers ... LOSER & Proud!
  12. i usually toss these after 15 shaves. they just keep on going.
  13. I don't usually get more than 4 or 5 shaves from a blade. But I don't throw them out 'cause we use them here at work and even if they're too dull to shave with, they'll still cut foam core just fine. :001_tongu

    Anybody here use one of the stropping tools they used to ship with the Streamline sets?
  14. I use these blades- though not from the group purchase- and usually toss them at 7 shaves- not because they are dull but only from fear they will become dull. the blades are just magnificent in My Gem Damaskeene!
  15. Wow, around 45% use them 7 times or more. I thought I was alone in stretching them out that long.

    I am a complete cheapskate don't ya know.
  16. Realized that I was using a regular walgreens SS blade. switched to a GEM PTFE Blade from the group buy and just finished shave 4. fresh as new still. Will vote when I toss it.
  17. ackvil

    ackvil Moderator Contributor

    I have so many of these blades from individual purchases as well as the group buy so I toss after 4 shaves rather than stretch it out any further.
  18. I usually go four shaves with a SE blade (generally go three with a SE blade). However, when on vacation, I have gone as many as seven shaves with an SE blade and could have possibly gone a couple more. I like a good sharp blade so probably give up on them sooner than I need to.

  19. Several times (same blade & packaging, but not this particular buy) I've compared a blade that I thought ought to be dull by now against a new blade stored in another razor...and concluded there still wasn't a perceptible difference after 8 or 9 shaves. To my surprise.

    Mine seem to go 8-11 with 10 being typical for me. This is using them at a pretty low angle, as low as possible. When I've gone back to experiment with higher angle, the go downhill faster.
  20. one face & head shave for me.... i like the feel of a new blade..

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