How many different kinds of DE razors do you own?

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How Many DIFFERENT DE's do you own?

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  1. For my own sanity, I am curious to know how many different de razors you guys own. I now have about 13, and am starting to get some looks from the wife. I feel like I am on some sort of quest to find the perfect one. I keep buying new ones but seem to have trouble letting the older ones go. I just bought an IKON, and now am drooling of the Tradere. Where should I draw the line? I take my cue from you.

    So... How many different DE razors do you hold on to? I want to be clear, not the total number of razors. i.e... If you have 23 redtips and 6 fatboys, that would be 2 different types.

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  2. I own two Gillette Slim Adjustables, two Super Adjustables, two Techs, one Aristocrat, one Good Will, and one Super Speed Red Tip.

    Actual KINDS is six kinds, but I answered for a total of nine.
  3. Twenty!!! I couldn't believe it until I got up and counted...:lol:
  4. I suspect that if people, such as myself, who said they have 10-20 went and actually counted every razor, they might find they have more than 20!
  5. I have over 20 but most are multiples of my favorites like Aristocrats and single rings and the gems.
  6. Currently have:

    2012 FaTip Piccolo
    2012 Sabi T3
    2012 Parker 97R Hefty
    2011 Mühle R41
    2011 Merkur Model 41 1904 Open Comb
    2010 Mühle R41
    1966 Gillette Flare Tip Super Speed
    1965 Gillette Slim Adjustable
    1965 Gillette Lady Gillette
    1955 Gillette Blue Tip Super Speed
    1946-50 Gillette Ball End Tech
    1946-50 Gillette Fat Handle Tech
    1913 Gillette Old Type

    Gone but not Forgotten:

    2011 Merkur 11C HD
    1957 Gillette "Fatboy" Adjustable
    1930's Gillette NEW Long Comb
    1930's Gillette NEW Short Comb
    1960's Schick Krona

    I think that is it...although I feel like I am missing a few.
  7. I've got a Gillette Flare Tip, Gillette Super Adjustable long handle, and a Merkur 25C open comb. I'm looking to trade the Merkur for a Super Adjustable short handle, though.
  8. I used to own a few... but I PIFed most of them and now I only got two: 2 slims... and I'm quite happy with that decision
  9. I only own 3, but have a Pils on order :scooter:

    1. Mühle Sophist R89
    2. Feather AS-1DE
    3. Mühle R41 Grande
  10. Dagnabbit Somebody, now you've made me count. Sheesh.

    Well, it kind of depends on what you mean by "types"? The New Improved head was used on several different razors...are those types too? OK, here's the species count.

    1. Gillette Single Ring (102)
    2. Gillette ABC handled Pocket set (3-piece, 102 head)
    3. Gillette Old Type Ball-end Pocket Set 3-piece (102 head)
    4. Gillette Old Type Ball-end Pocket Set 3-piece (102A head)
    5. Gillette New Standard (New Improved head)
    6. Gillette Tuckaway (New Improved head)
    7. Gillette NEW long-comb
    8. Gillette NEW short-comb
    9. Gillette NEW British long-comb (different head design)
    10. Gillette Aristocrat open-comb TTO
    11. Gillette Senator open-comb TTO
    12. Gillette Tech (1940s head)
    13. Gillette Tech (later head)
    14. Gillette Travel Tech
    15. Gillette Milord TTO
    16. Gillette TTO, 1946?-47 Super Speed but with Ranger Tech head
    17. Gillette 1947 Super Speed TTO
    18. Gillette 1940s notch-bar Super Speed (1953)...subtly different head from the 1947
    19. Gillette Red-Tip TTO
    20. Gillette 195 Slim Adjustable
    21. Merkur 11C
    22. Merkur 215 OC Travel

    But it kinda depends on what you regard as different.
    Anyway, that's how I'm counting!
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  11. ok i should have read what u posted before i voted lol. i cant count the at the moment anyway. hmmm i wonder how many "different" razors i have. now would the black handle ss, blue tip, flair tip, red tip, black tip, and the ndc ss all be in the super speed catagory? so only counting as 1??
  12. Ummm...............sorry about that; i just lost count there for a second and i have to start over, so no interruptions, please, as i am trying to concentrate!
  13. I've got 29. They include an Edwin Jagger DE89l, 3 Fat Boys, 1 Aristocrat Adjustable, 2 Slims, 2 Black Beauties, 2 Red Tips, 1 Blue Tip, several (maybe 4?) flair tips, several (maybe 3?) late 40s Superspeeds, several Techs, several open combs, an Ever Ready, a GEM, a few open combs (not sure what models but used one for the first time this morning). Can't think of anything else.
  14. Hmm... I've got:
    A Pils, a Feather, a Fatip, a Parker, a Goodfella, a Weber and a Joris...
    Multiple Gillette (5), Merkur (9), Muhle (4) and Ikon (5)...
    More than 20 (less than 40) and way more than I thought!
  15. I won't out loud how many I have (though I voted in the poll). I can say this with 100% certainty though, all I need is one more........
  16. On the top of my head..............
    Black Tip
    Blue Tip
    50's SS
    3 Travel Techs
    English alum. tech
    Argentina alum. tech
    US alum Tech
    40's Triang. Fat Tech
    Gold ball end tech
    Nickel Ball-end tech
    Black contract Tech
    2 Kronas
    Aristo. Jr.
    40's Gold Amer. Aristo
    30' OC Aristocrat
    2 Fatboys
    Super Adjustable
    Big Fellow
    NEW Standard
    40's Milady
    Pocket Edition
    Criterion NEW Deluxe
    Rocket HD
    Gold Rocket
    Ranger Tech
    58' SS TV Special
    I may be missing one or two........
  17. I have five.

    The total count is ten since I have spares (backup, you know, just in case)

    The sixth one is in the mail on its way here. My first vintage, a flare tip Gillette.
    My wife is happy I am happy.

    Anyway, you should start asking where to draw the line after you get your Tradere. Till then... enjoy your shaves.
    Life is too short.
  18. WOW. you rule!


  19. Dare I ask your favorite?
  20. Hey! Why diss the SE razors? Counting the 3 GEM I bought this week, I may now have more "types" of SE than DE.

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