Getting out of the DE game?

Discussion in 'General Straight Razor Talk' started by Fnord5, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. Maybe.

    Second shave with my self honed real straight (155+ years old)

    WTG and ATG, and some minor buffing with my vintage slant.

    A true BBS shave, no irritation, no weepers. :confused:
    I thought this straight thing was supposed to be tricky:confused:
  2. Don't curse yourself! :eek:
  3. Sell the DE and buy another straight!
  4. I keep my merkur HD around for when i need a quick shave or if i somehow missed a spot.

    I am jealous of your bbs shaves allready :)
  5. You need to try a wedge razor next! I believe Fnord5 is refering to a vintage W&B for his BBS shaving.
  6. I plan on getting more.
    I can already tell that a blade with a smile is going to work better for me (currently using a full hollow spike point)

    I may sell off a bunch of DE's, keeping a few though (fatboy, slim, slant, red tip, and my grandpas)
    use the proceeds to get a strop, and some honing supplies
  7. jlander

    jlander Moderator Emeritus

    Oh, you're hooked. No doubt about it.

    As to the BBS, congrats! Just don't get complacent, it'll bite you if you don't respect it.
  8. At last count, i had 2o or so.
    and i just bought a new one :lol:

    went out to look for more straights, and they were all way too beat up.

    so i snagged an aristocrat.
  9. Congrats on the BBS. But, in the words of Yoda, "Respect the blade you must. Let your mind wander and bite you it will. Focus your mind or bleeding will your face be."
  10. Congrads and condolences at the same time!:biggrin:

    Be careful my friend! Familiarity breed contempt.

  11. I am quite aware of what will bite me.



    Parallel movement.

    I find that paying attention without fearing/thinking of what COULD happen, makes for an easy time of it.
  12. hmmm... Now i am on a mission to find one!
  13. 3rd shave under my belt...

    Still no cuts, but today I got a tiny bit of irritation, and a few weepers (in my normal spot for weepers)
    Still BBS after a little slant buffing, even less buffing than last time.

    A much smoother edge this time, I went back to the lapping films, and stropped with my belt:blushing:

    I need a strop.

    Still a bit awkward with the right side of my face(I am a lefty using my right hand) and still working out the best grip for some of the passes.
    My ATG pass is nearly 100% left handed, using a "spoon" grip for the right side of my face.
  14. Hi Fnord5 - regarding the strop, two words: Tony Miller. Awesome product and a great guy to deal with. Get the travel/practice strop - it is money well spent. Tony's strops are so beautiful, I used the practice strop for months.

    I'm a lefty too. For me the ATG pass works well on the right side after WTH and XTG - all with my left hand. Keep experimenting. You're on the right track. How do you get to BBS? Practice, practice, practice. Have fun!
  15. Still faceturbating at work.

    It's been over 8 hours, and still no sign of a 5'o'clock shadow.:biggrin:

    Unfortunately, that means probably no shave tomorrow:frown:
  16. jlander

    jlander Moderator Emeritus

    What? You need face hair to shave? :biggrin:
  17. If you block your hair in the back you could start shaving your neck? That is an awesome shave! Also if you are one not to have a fast growing beard you could shave just N---->S only so that no matter what you would be able to shave every day.

    Just some thoughts,
  18. That's the str8t shaver's get such a close shave, you can only do it every other day!

    Unless you're not addicted to BBS, then as riosso says, you can go for a single pass daily. I did that for a while, but I really like the feel of complete BBS too much!
  19. Just keep me in mind when it is time to part with your cherry DE's! :lol::lol:
  20. My thoughts exactly.
    Besides, if I am already elbows deep in lather, why not use it up till there is nary a whisker to be seen or felt.

    I could always hack off my goatee if things get too slow....

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