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    Gentlemen I could use a little help here.I've been shaving with a Gem OCMM with great results and I have ordered a r41.I'd like to know if the r41 is the more aggressive razor, from those of you who may have both razors.Truth is I'm missing my straights but artritis makes it real hard on me to shave with them.I dont find the OCMM to be very aggressive,I just like to have a idea of what's in store for me.Many Thanks.
  2. The 2011 R41 is much more aggressive. Much.
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    Many Thanks,I have a gig coming up on Friday and I dont want to hit the stage looking like Claude Raines in the Invisible Man.I'll wait for Saturday for the inaugral shave with the R41 :lol: If any members are in NYC Friday night,myself and some buddies of mine are doing a set at The Bitter End @ 10pm.
  4. The OCMM will feel mild by comparison, or at least milder. Both are in my regular rotation.
  5. The Gem 1912 is the only SE razor that gives me the equivalent shave as the new R41. The Gem is way more forgiving. A good 1912 can be had for less than $20 on Evilbay.

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