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  1. This morning I fired up my new Muhle R41 for its maiden shave. I received the razor, along with the B&B Essential Boar, yesterday. I used TOOBS Coconut Shave Cream and went for a 3-pass shave. Got one bleeder on my neck in my "problem area" on the first pass but nothing further in the next two passes. This is honestly the closest shave I have ever had (especially on my neck). I used the included blade (Derby) that came with the R41.

    Those of you that are commonly using the R41 - can you use it everyday? If so are you doing three full passes each day?

    Also, concerning blade angle, I had the handle pretty well towards the wall at maybe a 25% angle. This seemed to work best for me but I need to experiment with different angles. I've seen some using this razor at a pretty steep angle with the handle pointing almost straight down - I may try this next time.

    I have the rosegold R41 and it is really beautiful. I love the handle on it and the grip it provides.
  2. I'd say that I could use the Muhle R41 everyday, but not for a third pass ATG. I still have to focus quite a bit on "no pressure" when using this razor, as well as when repositioning it at the start and end of a stroke. I've been bit several times from being careless that way. The angle seems to come fairly natural to me and I don't have to think about it very much as long as I'm using no pressure. I bet the rosegold version is nice..... mine is chrome.

  3. I have quite sensitive skin so i don't use mine every shave. I only need to do about 2 passes, if i go ATG it just spells trouble. Plus im pretty decent looking after just 2.

    I replaced the stock handle with a Sabi T1 as i hate the grip on the original.
  4. I've used the R41 (standard and Grande) for several hundred shaves. I shave with it daily, and always do four passes. I've never had a serious problem, but from time to time I'll take a few days off and switch to my Merkur 38C if I notice irritation building. Like you, I use the shallowest blade angle I can. The R41 is hard on blades at steep angles.
  5. You sir, are a lucky man - mine hates me - shaves nice when i want a 1 pass qujickie, but every time i want three passes (not even looking for bbs, just looking to complete a nice routine, i end up being mauled on the ATG pass
    i put a pic on the BOTOC thread showing this mornings lashing it dealt me. :(
  6. Ouch!!! :( I can't do ATG either with it :(
  7. I used to use mine for 3 passes everyday and did not find it to be too bad. Although I have a few new razors in my rotation now so it's only seeing duty about once or twice a week.
  8. I am more likely to cut myself (with any razor) when I'm doing the very first WTG pass on my neck area. Against the grain - typically no problems. I will say I very much like the close shave I got today. I may switch to a two pass shave with the R41 tomorrow.
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