First Shave With a Fatip Italian DE

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by LiveOak, May 23, 2011.

  1. I had my first shave with a Fatip open comb DE tonight. I received this brand new razor as a PIF from a former member on the board here. This is an Italian DE, and I had never heard of it until now. It is a beautiful razor with a very nice finish and fairly hefty (on a par with a Merkur HD).

    Really interesting shave. This thing feels really aggressive. I loaded it up with an Israeli Red Personna. When it was gliding over soap, very smooth. When I took strokes over non-soaped skin, I had the impression that I would scrape my face off if I wasn't careful. There seems to be a good bit of blade gap and exposure. I really thought I was going to end up with some severe razor burn, but incredibly, I got less irritation than I do with my New Improved. I got a very smooth shave.

    I have only shaved with an open comb maybe 7-8 times, but I am liking this razor. I think Bullgoose had them, but I notice they are not offered right now. The price was ridiculously cheap (I think around $20) for such a nice razor. I read that the head on this razor is the same one that Fatip made for Muhle. I could see spending the money for a nice Cooncat Bob handle.

  2. Count yourself lucky. I have been trying to get ahold of one ever since Bull Goose stopped carrying them and have so far been unsuccessful. Kudos to you for the luck. And if you should ever have an inkling of sending it on somewhere else... :)
  3. M80

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    You could get a Muhle R99. Same head.
  4. Is this the same as the Muhle R-89 Old Style? (Sorry... stole the picture from David in Boston's recent b/s/t sale)
  5. Now that I see them on the same post, the Muhle head looks heavier.
  6. My favorite DE OC too: nice, smooth and mild shaver :thumbup1:
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    Yes, down under they are known as Premax.

    The reviews of the Old R89 (open comb) are now mixed with the new R89 (with a safety bar)...
  8. You can buy one at for $36.00. It is called the 89R. It has the Joris/Fatip head. It is nearly as aggressive as my Barbasol.

    I bought two to save on shipping.
  9. I recently picked one up on ebay for a $25 BIN listing. I am really impressed and delighted with the shave this razor delivers -- it equals the ease and smoothness of my vintage French Le Coq open comb -- something that no razor has been able to do so far.........

    Nice score !
  10. I picked up one of the Fendrihan "MUH-R99" razors this month. It does appear to be the pre-2009 R89, and it is a very aggressive shaver. So far I like it. Ever since March (month of open-comb razors) I have been enjoying the way open-comb razors pick up the flat-growing hairs on my neck, and this seems to be the best one yet.
  11. It is sooooo sexy. Cant wait for mine.
  12. The Fat-Tip is an aggressive beast.
  13. Beauty for sure, and it oozes great shave just from the look of it.
  14. The Fatip is indeed identical to the pre '09 Mühle R89. Very efficient razor but loss of attention while you shave might cause some nicks so stay focussed! Congrats on your score; though not really rare it is getting harder to get one these days and I am glad I have one in my collection.
  15. Seems nice razor:)
  16. I've had one of these for 3 years. It is definitely a great shaver. In fact,it's the only D/E that I use these days,when my S/E razors need a well earned rest.
  17. thanks, just picked one up with a few extras to get my free shipping.
  18. Any clue if these can be found new in the EU?
  19. Under a different brand (I think Fatip sold them to everybody..) and probably in the nickel-plated version I came accros this link in another thread. Before 2009 Mühle sold both as R89 (chrome plated) and as R41 (nickel-plated) but they were both Fatips with identical heads and slightly different handles.

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