Ern straight - really worth this much ?

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  1. :blink: ummmmmm, I'm no expert, but I'm going to say no.
    I have an ERN that had a nicer looking blade than that, with a great etching and gold wash in part of the etching. Different scales, similar style blade though, so probably about comparable age range...and mine didn't look like it had been sand blasted then sharpened on a belt sander LOL I paid around $20 for mine

    side note: I'm not sure how that can possibly be "shave ready" when you can see the grind marks on the bevel in those pics :scared:
  2. Nice looking scales, but I doubt if you could shave a baboon's butt with it. IMHO, not worth 1/10 of that price. You can do much better. I recommend watching the BS&T board here at B&B. Members generally offer higher quality at fair prices.

  3. Thanks for the answers, i thought so, i have one like that and have been thinking about selling it, it`s pretty mint condition but if the price is that low i`m better gonna keep it :)
  4. the scales do look neat, a little more flair than a lot of smooth, plain ones.....but all in all they're just a molded plastic that I've seen on quite a few different brands of razors on eBay (never owned one myself). Not something that would drive the price up more than a couple of dollars (seen here on a henckles, that's currently at about $30 with 7 bids and a day left)

    best advice I can think to give is if you want to look at ebay to set a value, try finding one that has active bids, don't give any thought to a buy it now price unless you see that it actually sold after watching it
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  5. not even close IMO.
  6. the scales are what some collectors go for , that is what drives the price up.
  7. dont worry..hes charging more somewhere in his price for the tarnish and hours to clean that up...:biggrin1:

    Scales are nice..but..meh..doubt the cost will ever come back
  8. Thanks again for all the answers, got a lot smarter. I don`t use a straight razor, but found this at my country home a long time ago, definitely gonna keep it :)
    No rust, nicks or anything like that, just tarnish, a good clean and it would look real nice.
  9. take a zero off the price and the shipping. then only the price will be a stretch.
  10. yeah......but, mass produced celluloid scales? seriously, if I liked the design of these scales that would make me bid maybe $3 more than I would for plain celluloid scales (if it was on a decent razor I mean)
    These aren't anything crazy that should "drive the price up" lol Find something similar, hand carved out of ivory, then you have a point there
  11. Wow, that blade looks exactly like after an etching in an acid bath. I bet anything that razor looked nice before someone tried to make it look old with a fake patina.

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