Dull Dorco's!

Discussion in 'General Shaving Discussion' started by spinyeel, May 2, 2008.

  1. Shaved with my new Weishi the other day using a Dorco blade that came with the razor.The shave left a lot to be desired and I suspected this was due to the gentle nature of the razor.I put a new Dorco into an aggressive face peeler,the Parker 22r for today's shave and the result was very dissapointing.The blade just scraped and pulled,causing me to abort my futile effort.:eek:Finished the shave with a humble Tech loaded with a Derby. Did I get a bad pack of blades?,or are these blades sub par?:frown:
  2. Dorcos do not seem to be the sharpest blade in the pack, although using zero pressure I've not had a tugging problem. Multiple passes are definitely needed when using them. And, I have had dull ones. If they don't work for you, just move on. As we always say, YMMV.

  3. I have had exactly the same experience. I bought the Weishi that came with Dorcos and I agree that they seem very dull. I have had much better success with the Israeli blades from Dollar General, believe it or not.
  4. Yep, I got some Dorco blades in a sample pack. I have tried them in every razor and end up immediately removing them. They feel like I might as well be using a putty knife.
  5. amazingly, there are worst, there are some blades called economie which come in a blue pack, shaving with them feels like someone shaved 3-5 times with it before it reached your hands,
  6. I'm not a big Dorco fan for this reason.
  7. I have only used one blade from the ten that came with my sampler. I too found the Dorco blade to be very dull. It would pull a bit WTG and XTG, and then skip in places ATG. I will say it is a very smooth blade though. I never suffered any irritation or nicks with it. One thing I did find was that the blade was very sensitive to angle. If I really really took my time and had my angle just right I would get a fairly comfortable and decent shave. Otherwise the shave would not be as close or comfortable as usual.
  8. +1 on the Dorco being my least fav that came with my sample pack.. just one notch up from my merkurs
  9. Why didn't he say 'Dorco 300 or 301?'
  10. Put a Dorco (not sure 300 or 301) from the sample pack I received into my HD this AM. Boy certainly isn't a feather. I'll give it a few days, but there was a lot of pulling and skipping. I wasn't feeling the razor glide.

  11. I'm not at home right now but I'm pretty sure the Dorcos that came with the Weishi razor were the 300s. Haven't tried them yet though.
  12. The Dorcos I received in my West Coast shaving pack at the ST300 and I find them to be the least sharp blade I have ever used. Good thing they are so cheap so I dont feel bad not using them. For 12c instead of the 8c for the Dorco I find Crystal Israeli blades much better overall.
  13. YMMV. Used a Dorco 300 today, 2 passes, 3rd touch up pass, BBS smooth shave! Got one nick, but that was due to my own negligence.

    BTW, was told that 300 and 301 are the same thing, different packaging. Can anyone confirm this?
  14. I've been using Dorcos on and off for almost 6 months and I'm fairly happy with them. For me, they perform similarly to Derbys. Another plus is that I can buy them locally for a little over a dollar per pack.

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