Does MWF fit into an Old Spice Mug?

Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by KWilliams40, Apr 20, 2013.

  1. KWilliams40

    KWilliams40 Contributor

    Does Mitchell's Wool Fat fit into a Shapton Old Spice mug, or does it need to be trimmed or grated?
  2. Think it's too big and may need a trim or squashing in
  3. +1 I had to modify my puck to fit my OS mug

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  4. jkh


    You can use a vegetable peeler to pare down the diameter of the puck. Just drop in the shavings before the puck and you'll be golden.
  5. Sean, that picture of yours brings a smile to my face. Nice setup.
  6. MWF needs to be kept moist for best results, the ceramic container that comes with it is perfect for that as it keeps it moist but it's not airtight so it can still breathe.
    If you keep it open it can dry out and crack, it still works but you have to load longer or sprinkle a few drops of water on top of it before taking a shower.
    The same goes for most hard tallow soaps like Tabac.
  7. Yup it should. But I like the its original dish it come in.
  8. KWilliams40

    KWilliams40 Contributor

    Thanks. Sounds like a plan...
  9. Have to ask, is that a Commodore 2 or 3?

  10. Its an X3, and to keep my puck moist I just pour a little water in the mug while my brush soaks and pour it off before I load, works every time
  11. Good to know. I'll keep the old veggie peeler handy :001_smile
  12. jkh


    Make the puck smaller than the OS mug as MWF tends to expand quite a bit. The puck is a fair bit smaller than the MWF ceramic dish, but expands to be a snug fit after a week or so.
  13. alpster

    alpster Steward Contributor

    I trimmed mine with a pocket knife and used my espresso tamper to press the shavings back on top. All of my soaps are in OS mugs. Most have to be trimmed and a couple had to be grated. Love my OS mugs.


  14. Ronnie,
    Excellent use of real estate.
  15. What do you use for lids on your OS mugs?
  16. The only soaps I don't do this with are croaps, like RazoRock or QCS. Boiling water from an electric kettle works like magic with ARKO and glycerin soaps. Since MWF has lanolin in it, and that's the secret to its success, use warm water so it doesn't kill the lanolin.

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