Do you ever hunt for cases?

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  1. I do not usually buy uncased razors for a few reasons one of which is since "display" space is limited it is easier to store them in their case. Being the way I am though, things must match, so each razor must have one of the cases it actually would have come in when originally produced. This has now led to me buying cases that after further research are not correct which leads to other issues, you get the drift.

    This has happened with the nickle silver New with the common bar handle I purchased, uncased from a fellow forumite not too long ago. In my search I wound up with a nice red Gillette case that after further research is for the gold ball-end razor in the Federal set and besides, the New I have does not fit in it.

    Does anyone one else do this?

  2. Phases in a collector's life:
    1. You buy the razor and don't care about the case.
    2. You buy the razor even though the case is wrong.
    3. You buy the razor because the case is wrong - you think you can get a good deal on a misidentified item.
    4. You buy the case and don't care about the razor.
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  4. I sought out cases for 4 loose razors. Now I only buy cased razors.
  5. Hilarious. Looks like I'm at No. 3, moving towards No. 4.

    I have been trying so hard to ignore cases, as these are kept back in a drawer somewhere while I'm using the actual razors, but. . . I'm losing the battle!
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    Finding cases is much more difficult than finding razors.
    I'm sure that people 50 years ago didn't think that anyone would be collecting their personal grooming goods.
    Say, anyone wanna buy a used toothbrush? :blink:

    Keep your eyes open and look for sales where the person has put the wrong razor in the case.
    You'll wonder why a ball end tech is going for so much money, then you'll see that people are bidding on the '61 adjustable case that they stuck it in.

    Ahhh, the thrill of the hunt. It took me a good long time to get all my razors in the appropriate cases.

    Good luck.
  7. Wait... I'm only supposed to be doing one of these at a time? :blink:

  8. Oh so true.

    Buying only cased razors is what I usually do. The nickle silver short-comb NEW is the only uncased one I have purchased. Now I've spent time and money looking for a case than if I had bought a cased one in the first place.

  9. I have a spare case floating around. It has "King Gillette" on the base, engraved above a box with a list of international patent numbers, it has a purple velvet lining, and a white Gillette logo with known the world over on the inside. Anyone know what razor goes with this box?
  10. Oh I just did my own homework on Mr Razor. (Thanks Mr Razor) It's from a 1917 old set. None of my razors fit it, which is a shame because it's a nice little case, maybe I do need another razor after all.............
  11. If it's oblong it's an ABC Pocket Edition case, which would have had one of the ABC design razors. If it's square it's a Combination Set case, which would have had a Single Ring, blade holder, travel brush, and soap canister.


  12. Sorry, forgot another with the inscribed bottom: the early metal cased Standard Set. There's a really banged up one on the 'bay right now with a BIN if someone's itching for a serious restoration challenge and has $37 burning a hole in their pocket. (Just say no.)

  13. I always stay on the lookout for empty cases. I'm looking for a toggle case, now. The last toggle case I saw, I was bidding on it and my internet service conked out in the last minutes of the auction. I was really really POd.

    I've found cases for all of my superspeeds, finally. I'm looking for slim cases as also for fatboy cases, now. They come up from time to time, but not often.

    Like others, I buy cased sets when I'm getting something for the collection. If I'm using it, I don't care about the case.
    -- Chet
  14. Some beautiful sets/razors shown here.

    I've been known to buy cheap imported cased razors only to have the case for my daily users. But I've got along way to go to get any of the quality razors shown here.
  15. So let me ask, what is the correct case for the nickle silver, common bar handle, short comb New?

    Is it the same one as the long comb gold New Bostonian?

    I cannot find an example anywhere.

  16. Can you share some pictures?

    Some of the Deluxe NEW razors were chromium-plated (according to Krumholtz.)

    There were also some silver plated Deluxe NEWs . . . but I'm not sure about nickel plated versions . . .

    The NEW was produced in the midst of the Great Depression . . . and the industrial-grade gold wash was actually cheaper to produce than any proper electroplating process with gold, silver, chromium, or nickel as the top finish.
  17. Here is my original post with a photo of the razor in question. Other that it being a short comb and silver it looks just like a gold long comb New Bostonian. In fact it fits perfectly in the one I have but I do not know if that is the correct case.

    Any and all help is appreciated.

  18. Mike -

    That photo does not give enough detail of the underside of the head. I can't tell from the photo in the original post if it is a flat bottom or not.

    It is "for sure" a common bar handle. The razor looks like it might be a Norfolk Chromium . . . but more detailed pictures of the head components would help with the identification.
  19. Brad,

    The underside of the head is not flat, it has the hump that goes across the middle. Here are some photos:



    Let me know what you think.

  20. So, any ideas?


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