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    I have never owned a set of shirt studs and cuff links. I was thinking of picking one up. Should they only be worn with a Tuxedo? Is it OK to wear cuff links without shirt studs? Do they even make dress shirts that take cuff links, but not shirt studs? Are cuff links too dressy for a regular 2 or 3 piece suit? Any advice from a seasoned chirt stud and cufflink owner would be appreciated!
  2. Studs are for formal wear only. You can wear cuff links any time. Nice shirt with French cuffs and suit would be suitable for business, depending upon the business. Back in the day lots of folks wore cuff links. I have a couple of my dad's and gosh they are nice. I think studs should match the links, I think they come in a set. I bet you can find links at an antique shop or store selling finer mens wear. You can find some sweet ones on ebay.
  3. Yeah, you wouldn't even be able to wear studs with a normal dress shirt, because, if you notice on a tuxedo shirt, the holes for the studs go straight through both pieces of cloth. But as long as you have french cuff dress shirts, you can (and have to) wear cuff links. Just don't pull a George Costanza and make your non-french-cuff dress shirt one.

    In fact I'm wearing a french cuff shirt right now; I've become enamored with the silk "knot" cuff links. They provide a nice little bit of color.
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    Thanks for the info gents! Should I pickup a matching set of cuff links and studs? I can use the links with a regular French cuff shirt and will have studs as well if need to wear a Tux. Would it look obvious that I'd be breaking out a set? Kinda like when wearing a suit jacket as a blazer. Or should I get a separate set of more casual links for use only with a french cuff shirt a suit?

    There a defintely some tacky looking cuff Star Wars, pirates and Donald Trump "Your Hired / Your Fired"....
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  5. I don't think it'd be obvious that you're breaking out a set. However, I've found that most studs/cuff link sets are black (for the contrast of the studs on a white shirt) and I just don't like black cuff links, but YMMV. And yeah, most cuff links are either goofy or way overpriced (up in Boston, they've made some former subway tokens into cuff links, which is a cool idea, but they're like $50).

    I guess if you're just feeling this out, then the studs/cuff link set would be fine enough. But those silk knot cuff links are nice and not too expensive (available here for $9).
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    Check out the antique stores for vintage cufflinks. Incredible variety and usually less than $10. I've got some for $5. I'll try to get some pictures tonight if I get home in time.
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    I'd love to see 'em Mark. It seems like ebay has some nice vintage sets as well. I feel like maybe I should get a set of cufflinks with a matching tie clip. Perhaps a monogrammed set!
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  8. strop

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    I picked up these 3 sets at various antique stores. The blue ones were $8 and the other two were less than $5 (marked 30% off). You can always find monogrammed ones, but I've never found the correct initials!

  9. Jos a banks have. Some nice knotted silver cuff stud sets that are quite reasonable.
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    No worry about breaking a set ... the cuff links can work with any french cuff shirt, and then go back together if/when needed for a tux. But a tux needs onyx (black), gold, silver, or mother-of-pearl (off-white) links & studs ... but there are plenty of more colourful ones that would not go with a tux but are not tacky.
  11. madcap3693

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    Very Cool Mark! I picked up some vintage sets off of ebay today. I got a set of black studs & links for a tux, a set of links with my last name initial on them (The set is missing it's tie bar) and a mother of pear set of links with a matching tie bar. Very reasonably priced and a huge selection on ebay. I will post pix once the arrive!
  12. madcap3693

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    My two sets arrived in the mail today. Unfortunately the Letter H set is missing it's tie bar, but ill keep scouring ebay for one. I definitely like the Mother of Pearl Set!

  13. strop

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    I've never seen a set with the initial like that in an antique store. Usually they are engraved on a rather plain gole or silver set. I see lots of similar links and sets all the time. I have way too many sets, but can't pass up a good bargain!
  14. Ebay is always a great bet for cufflinks. The biggest problem is that they have become so mainstream that you have thousands of items to sift through. I only buy vintage links and have found some great ones, including a set that was made from vintage typewriter keys. They had a great patina, and the lady who made them even sent chocolate in the box. However, my favourite pairs are ones that some of my friends have liberated from grandparent collections.
  15. I have only one (1) set of cufflinks and studs. :lol1:

    [​IMG]"Let them see you and not the [cufflinks and studs]. That should be secondary". Cary Grant


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  16. Those would be for Kingston Trio fans? The old tokens? Pre-price-jump?

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  17. If you are a cufflink collector, go to the fishing section of walmart and for $5 you can buy a divided fly tackle box that works great for keeping them sorted.

    I have about 30 pairs and love them.
  18. I collect cufflinks (to the extent that SWMBO lets me) and those are SPECTACULAR. I see you live not to far from me, so it's only fair to warn you that if I spot those links cuffed up in public, I may try to talk you out of them.

    How old are they and where did you get them?
  19. OK... so those Cuban Cigar cuff links are terrific... as to the shirts there are two or three kinds for to use with cuff links (if you count tuxedo shirts), the obvious one most everybody knows is the French Cuff or sometimes called a double cuff shirt, very dapper and good for extreme business and evening wear. The other is the traditional cuff with cuff link slits... these are much harder to come by but are more versatile.

    As to the links, to have too many of these... vintage silver ones, novelty styles, silk knots, but my go to ones are my Tiffany & Co, "Return to Tiffany" sterling silver solid cuff links.

    Somebody mentioned cuff links made of bus tokens... I've seen them made of beer and soda bottle caps, sports ones made with a round pieces of baseball leather or real football helmet (Alabama and LSU at Aidan Gill in New Orleans) But my favorites are one like you'll find at Charles Tyrwhitt.
  20. When I saw this I thought you were going in a different direction than you were...
    I thought spoons and poppers and plugs might be a touch to big and plastic glow worms maybe a bit gross (well maybe if you're going to the Zombie Jamboree)

    but fishing fly cufflinks??? Those'd be awesome.
    (more: )
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