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  1. Has anyone used these? Bath and Bodyworks had a sale, buy 2 get 1 free. I ended up getting 3 for $25 shipped. They all smell great, to be honest. The wife absolutely loves all 3, which is great.

    I ordered the white, green and black elixir. They have a few more too.


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  2. I use the black, green and blue...nice scents. I always stock up on the scents and body washes when they run that sale, along with the Bigelow shaving cream which is nothing more than re-branded three tubes for $20!
  3. I recently tried the Gold and both my wife and I loved it. The next time I'm at BBW, I'll be checking out all their mens frags.
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    Does B&BW still carry these? I think that they're all gone from the stores around me.
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    I wore the Black yesterday, very nice for the price.
  6. yes, they should carry them. they have a small section dedicated to men and shaving. they have a whole bunch of other types as well, blue, gold, etc.
  7. wearing green today. smells real nice
  8. I've worked for B&BW (I didn't wear the aprons... much...) and can say they are pretty nice. Not really my bag (everyday scent: Drakkar Noir), but cheaper than most colognes and do a nice job. Black is probably the best.
  9. At my local Bath and Body Works, the C.O. Bigelow line is gone, replaced by the newer Signature Men's Collection (which contains six different scents). The line being dropped makes sense, as there is at least some duplication of scents between the two lines.

    Last time I was in, the entire line of C.O. Bigelow was gone, so no shaving cream either.

    For now they are still selling the C.O. Bigelow line through their online store.
  10. I want the same deal! How did you do it? They're $19.50 each, so $39 for two (with a third added free), plus shipping. Even with a 20% off coupon, that's still $31.20 plus shipping. How did you get it down to $25? Thanks in advance.
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  11. I was thinking the same!
  12. Too bad they are discoed. They were nice casual scents for everyday
  13. They are not discontinued. You can buy them on the website and in many of the stores. The only one that was discontinued was the red version.
  14. Thanks nice to know.

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