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  1. What are some shaving items that work really well that are extremely cheap? I don't mean any middle of the road stuff either, otherwise nearly everything will be included.

    Over in another thread there are a few posters that keep calling their $6.50 + shipping soap dirt cheap, when it is actually 100% more than Colonel Conk and the performance is very debatable. So what really is cheap that outperforms your expectations?

    The first example that comes to mind for me is:

    Red Pack Israeli Persona blades

    They are only $10 for a hundred, yet they shave better than most other blades I have tried for more than twice the money. The only blades that are cheaper, are so marginally less expensive that it doesn't even pay to try them.

    I know we will get some Williams lovers in here, and that's OK, just try to back up your claim with a good testimonial as to why you think your item performs far better than expected for its ridiculously low price.

    And just to make things a little more fun and interactive, please only discuss one item in your post. If you want to list more than one, do so in another post, but only after someone else has posted.

  2. Instead of using an expensive Balm to moisturize after your splash or witchhazel (on days when your face is dry) use a dab of Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion. I recently compared the ingredients of this lotion ($3.50 for 10oz.) to T&H balm (around $30 for 3.4 oz.) and I felt more comfortable with the lotion ingredient better for me too!
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    Aqua Velva.
  4. Family Dollar "Old Spice" Aftershave
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    Though I use another brand of thin moisterizing cream (is it called a "milk"?) It soothens very well and is completely unscented so that you can top it with your favourite fragrance on the lower part of your throat or on your chest. Works damn well.
  6. Clubman aftershave.
  7. My list of cheap stuff that works very well:

    VDH soaps
    Aqua Velva
    English Leather
    I often use budget skin lotions in lieu of spendier ASBs it seems to work just fine
    Also Ocean Lotion (marketed as an aloe based sunburn remedy) immediate cooling effect. I like the ice blue on this one
    Dickinson's WH, available everywhere under $3 and works like a charm
  8. Witch Hazel
  9. Corn Huskers and Williams
  10. Quality Triple Milled Bar Soap

    It costs around $3 at Whole Foods and one bar lasts for about 2 months. In addition to showering with it, it does an excellent job cleaning/gently exfoliating your face prior to the shave. I therefore view it as 2 products in one. When comparing the ingredients to a Nivea facial scrub type product, I feel better about the bar soap. It's also better for the environment than shower gels and/or facial scrubs and it lathers like a quality shaving soap :w00t: The ingredients of my favorite one are:

    Saponified Palm and Palm Kernel Oils, Vegetable Glycerin, Essential Oils, Lavender Petals, Shea Butter, Dead Sea Salt, Citric Acid, Salt, Vitamin E, and Plant and Mineral Pigments
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  11. VDH-$1.48
    Delon Witchhazel -16oz .90 cents
    Nivea Creme as a Preshave-13.5oz -$7
    Manoj Indian Alum bar-.50 cents
    Gillette Series A/S Gel-$1.97
  12. Speick bar soap. $3.50. I use it in the shower, it makes an excellent pre-shave face wash.

    The triple-milled soaps the TJ's sells are another favorite.
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    I couldn't agree more.
  14. or hate the smell, the best shaving soap for well under $2.00
  15. I always overlooked Aqua Velva because outside of alcohol it doesn't have some of the other skin healing stuff (Witch Hazel, Vitamin E..etc) in it like you find in other splashes. I might give this one another look.
  16. Murray & Lanman Florida Water Cologne. Great stuff, cheap. 'Nuff said.
  17. Does my $4 Tech count?
  18. +1 and another cheap & great soap; the palmolive classic shave stick in the same price range.
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    Aqua Velva Musk and Addias Aftershaves.
  20. I find that Extra Virgin Olive Oil works as an effective Pre-shave oil. It gives my razor extra glide and because I always have it in my kitchen for cooking, it's cost effective in that I don't need to buy a Proraso Pre-shave cream.

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