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  1. I was at Wal-Mart yesterday and noticed some Canoe gift sets in the seasonal department. I didn't get a good look at the contents, though, because I was approached by some guy involved in that Primerica pyramid scam. These guys just don't quit! But anyway, I wasn't sure if this stuff was easy to come by or not...I've never seen it before in stores, so I figured it was worth a mention.
  2. Have you seen the different shaving sets they have? One comes in a James Bond style case, with some cream, and a (nylon?) synthetic brush, along with some other stuff. The other says "World traveller" or something on it and has a rather large puck of soap along with a few other things. The back of the package describes the brush thus: "Plastic shaving brush" Surely they just mean the handle is plastic. The bristles look to maybe be boar. I've also seen at some wal-mart stores they have a van-der-hagen kit with a little bowl, soap, and brush. And why is it that this time of year is the only time of year I can ever find Old Spice in the 2 oz. bottle?
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  4. Posting anonymously...:blush:

    I've actually sat through one of their informational meeting. I was conned into showing up, boy was I pissed.
  5. Walmart always has Canoe available, but not in the three piece set. I think the stuff smells just like Pinaud Clubman. It seems just a tad stronger though. Both are inexpensive, but I think the Clubman wins for the price.

  6. I like the Canoe aftershave. It is similar to Old Spice, but a bit different.

  7. you can imagine my feelings about wasting a Saturday morning and showing up to the "interview." They should have just called it the "what can we say to you to get you to sign the dotted line as quickly as possible before you realize that we'll take anybody's $200 for the 'training fees' and leave you to your own devices to sink or swim and 'open new offices' and 'recruit.'" Utter garbage. :cursing:

    In my defense, though, I was fresh out of school, without job, and naive. They still call me every year to see if I'm ready to take advantage of the "life changing opportunities that they have to offer me."

    I'll put the soapbox away now. :rolleyes:

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