buy n stock up or wait til I NEED more soaps n creams?

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  1. I am VERY limited to what I can use..meaning..NO oils/extracts/plants of any kind that I can touch..long story short...what do you guys prefer if you were "in my shoes"
  2. By stock up, I would keep about 2-3 of a soap/cream on hand at any given time. If you are that limited, then you don't want to run out.
  3. If you've found something you can use, and you won't be trying other things, and you have plenty of storage space, why not stock up?
  4. +1.
  5. And this way you'll be ready for the Shavepocalypse or, even worse, a reformulation...
  6. Typical shopping logic says that "If you find one that fits (or works for you) buy 2". It's a LOT easier to find what you like when it's under your own roof. When you start working on the last, or second to last, it's time to start sourcing again.

    I have been incredibly fortunate lately and have enough to last years though, so maybe I'm not the best example to follow :biggrin1:
  7. jamesspo

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    I'm stocking up myself, but I use only soaps, and I admit I'm not really sure about the shelf life of those. I've got enough soap to last for about 10 years, I'd say. Can someone elaborate on how well Tallow soaps do in storage? I think I've heard that cremes are more likely to go south..maybe someone else can confirm that (since you mentioned cremes).
  8. jamesspro, I think creams are much, much more likely to go bad on you than soaps. We have members here that have purchased Old Spice tallow-based soaps that were made in the 1960s and they are still good and usable.

    I notice that even the soaps have one of those icons that shows that they are good for 12 months or 18 months after opening, or whatever, but my feeling is that the lifespan of a properly made soap is practically indefinite.
  9. jamesspo

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    Thanks Randall, I'll keep piling it up then :). I do think I'll start vacuum sealing my Arko though... I don't want that awesome scent to go away!!! :lemo:

  10. I have Trumpers Lime bowl..rotate
    spare plastic container for Vitos soft soap..rotate
    random pour n melt in a container of Erasmic/Godrej Indian soaps..rotate
    these 3 are on my countertop

    all my other boxed soaps/creams are in my drawers
  11. I concur. How many pucks of vintage Williams, Colgate, and Old Spice are being used right now?
  12. I'd stock up...stick with your winners. As to shelf life, I believe it was Mantic59 who suggested keeping your shaving "software" in the refrigerator. Sounds like a good idea.
  13. jamesspo

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    Yep, indeed Johnnie. In fact, I have several vintage Williams pucks. I've not used them yet, in part because they smell...well.... a bit funky :) . I'm not sure if that's just vintage Williams, or they've gotten rotten.

  14. I think that's just williams!
  15. I just went to Walgreens to buy some GEM SE blades. In the shave dept. they had Williams soap, VDH soap and brush, Aqua Velva, Old Spice. For some reason, I look at those as cheap drug store items and have no interest...yet I often hear good things about all those products on B&B.

    I guess I need to start trying these things out. Maybe start with some Williams?
  16. If you are limited to what you can use due to a products ingredients you have to stock up on products you are comfortable using. We never know when a manufacture is going to change a formulation and a reserve of products compatible to your skin type is imperative. Fortunately a couple of extra pucks, or a couple of extra tubs will provide you with plenty of time to find alternatives when companies change ingredients.
  17. Well with the rate the FRB is printing bills I'd stock up on as much of everything you can. Between inflation & our oil supplies being strangled by our own .gov I really don't see the price of ANYTHING coming down anytime in the near future. May as well now while you still can.
  18. I vote for stocking up as well. Surprised no one has mentioned zombie apocalypse yet. You never know, the zombies might be lulled by the scent of your shaving soaps giving you time to pack up your razors and get to safety.

    On another note, put me down for keeping politics off B&B.
  19. The thing with stocking up is you already know that you're getting a good product, and your protecting yourself from any future price increases. At least until you run out of the stock up.
  20. I got a lot of ARKO and my friends weren't as enthusiastic, but I'd like to keep most of them if not all, but I think this would make my fridge smell like a bathroom :)

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