Blix's straight shaving journal.

Discussion in 'Journals and Diaries' started by Blix, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. My first straight isn't in yet, but with some luck it's here tomorrow or Saturday.

    It's a Geneva in good shape:


    It comes coticule-honed, stropped and shave ready for real. Can't wait to give it a go.

    For those who saw my other thread, you know I have a few "eBay specials" coming as well, a few Keen Kutters in what looks to be in decent shape, they will come in handy learning honing on.

    I've traded a few emails with Bart over at and he's been really helpful, he's even sending me a balsa strop with CrOX for free to keep my Geneva going for a while.
    A 150x40mm Coticule will be ordered next week, and being in Norway I talked to Torolf and will have a really nice strop coming from him as well.
    I'll learn on something else of course, not risking the good strop with noob stropping at first :wink:
    Hmm, anything else to add? Yeah, I think I'm going for a Chosera 1k for bevel setting, seems like it's getting some good praise lately.

    This is going to be an interesting journey.
    I'll update as soon the razor is in!

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  2. Wid


    Good luck on your journey. Beautiful razor too.
  3. And the Geneva razor arrived!

    Beautiful little thing. Now if I only could find the battery charger for my camera :cursing:

    I had my first straight shave an hour ago, and the razor was indeed shave ready, I had no problems shaving :biggrin1:
    It was easier than I feared, way lass scary to use than the Parker shavette really, and the audio feedback from the razor was something I didn't expect, I could practically hear when I had the right angle.
    The chin was difficult as expected, but my upper lip and cheeks are almost BBS after a couple passes!

    The razor is flawless, not much hone wear at all.

    Shaving with a real straight was satisfying on so many levels. I'm a real man now :wink:
  4. Congrats on the first "real" shave!

    You have now officially reached the point of no return :biggrin1:

    I got a Dovo strop you can have for practice, also perfect size for travelling, just yell out if you want it.
  5. Yup, amazing shave :w00t:

  6. I'll take you up on that Rune, all I have to strop on is newspaper now :)
  7. Luc

    Luc Moderator Emeritus

    Nice work!
  8. The second straight shave was another bloodless success. Takes some time but I'm learning.:001_smile

    I just had Rune (Zephyr) stop by with a strop and some other stuff, and we ended up talking for a couple hours almost, nice meeting you Rune!
  9. Wid


    Congrats on your first couple of shaves. Sounds like you are well on the road to a future of great shaves.
  10. Thank you Rick.
    The third shave was nothing dramatic as well. I'm not getting nearly as close as my DE shaves yet, but I certainly don't expect that anytime soon, it's fairly difficult, and that's half the fun :001_smile
  11. 5 shaves in now, and feeling good. Today was the best SR shave so far, even got my chin decently shaved. Made a little breakthrough when it comes to technique and blade angle, suddenly my straight felt twice as sharp, and ninja-sliced the hairs rather than scraping them off, way cool. I feel more comfortable with the strop as well now.

    Payday is getting closer, so it's time to buy a honing setup, this is exiting! :w00t:
  12. Great start buddy!
    You'll be a Samurai of straights before you know it.
    Good going!
  13. Thank you Bjørnar :001_smile :)

    I cheated and did a DE shave today :blushing:

    But I also went on a shopping spree!

    Coticules, Chosera, 2-4-8-16 Shapton GS, Torolf strop....

  14. nice job so far and it's fun to acquire hones

  15. Didn't I hear someone mention he'd only get a bevel setter and a coti :laugh:
  16. That must have been my twin you talked to! :biggrin:

    I guess I forgot to mention the stone holder thingy I found on eBay had a 12k(ish) Chinese stone attached to it. Hey it was only $29 :001_tongu
  17. Not bad, five shaves into straights and already a severe case of HAD :)
  18. Congratulations on completing your first few shaves! It is always a bit dating at first but it will get better in no time at all!
  19. Lol, too true!:lol:

    Yeah, I'm taking it easy, using a straight most certainly isn't learned over night. :001_smile
  20. Oops, Heljestrand incoming, bad eBay photo:


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