Best Supermarket Whole Bean for a French Press?

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  1. Any favorites? I have tried Eight O' Clock Bean with pretty good success.
  2. Depends on your supermarket and what you're willing to spend. I've got a couple stores near me that partner with local roasters who supply them with fresh beans (though they do sometimes sit on the shelf for a month), but naturally they cost a fair bit more than Eight O' Clock (think $12 for a 12oz bag - and up). You'll want to be checking for a "roasted on" date, and give yourself about two weeks to consume it from that date. Expiration dates are almost universally based on a number of months after the roast date. Those beans generally arrive outside of ideal drinking times (in other words, stale before you get it). Also, just as important as who does the roasting is what they're roasting. Just because you love their Guatemalan doesn't mean you'll dig their Ethiopian. Do you have any single-origin coffee (or blends that are made up of known components) that you've enjoyed in the past?

    If fresh is counted as "roasted less than two weeks ago" (and ground just before brewed), have you ever had fresh coffee?
  3. 8 O'Clock 100% Columbian is a very smooth coffee that works well in a strong brew. It is not THE cheapest but it is amazingly inexpensive for the quality level. Freshness is usually adequate. Consumer Report gave it their highest rating, FWIW. This is my universal bean. I will usually use it straight but sometimes blend it with another coffee. A Mexican Robusto actually goes good with it, and the Starbucks Sumatra gets along nicely with it. I hate paying crazy prices for coffee. Once I drink it all, that's money that just goes down the drain. Literally. I have tried with great success to avoid the Coffee AD and Eight O'Clock Columbian has helped me keep my coffee spending under control because it is just plain GOOD, and cheap. The regular Eight O'Clock is pretty good but try the Columbian. And definitely grind it as you use it. A burr mill doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. I will go out on a limb here and declare that even a whirly blade grinder, if used immediately before brewing, is better than using the store grinder to grind a week or two worth of coffee. Fresh ground has all the aroma. Aroma is 80% of the coffee experience, to me. It is the difference between a simple dose of needed caffeine and a memorable cup of coffee.
  4. I use a french press and a burr grinder at the office, and I use either the President's Choice espresso (PC being a Canadian supermarket private label), which also happens to be my current favourite bean for my Saeco machine, or I frequently use the Kirkland (Costco private label) espresso for my french press. I won't use it in my espresso machine though, as I feel that the machine magically brews it into liquid evil. Perhaps I should give it another try, as many of my friends swear by it, but I just really didn't go for it the first time I tried it. Both are a tremendous value at around $16/kg (2.2lbs).
  5. I am no coffee expert, but I do like the Peet's Major Dickason's and their Uzuri African blend in my French Press...
  6. When I'm feeling cheap, I buy Three Beans Blend Dark Roast at Whole Foods. It's $4.99/can. It's not the best coffee in the world, but it's $5, tastes like it costs twice as much, and works well in a French press.
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    Eight O'Clock, and Duncan Donuts whole Bean have been the the best I've found.
  8. Duncan Donuts I also like some of the Safeway Select varieties.
  9. I've good luck with a few of Trader Joe's coffees. Brands are somewhat of a guideline, but shopping at a store with high turnover rate is just as important.
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    Good point about the turnover.
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    yea if the store dosent have a high turnover you end up with rancid stale beans sitting in the hoppers forever. (like my local market) and thats never good
  12. cafe bustelo (bright yellow packaging) is great if your store carries it.

    bang for your buck, I've really enjoyed the Kirkland (costco) Guatemalen (royal blue bag) beans. nice, smooth, and rich. pairs really nice with ~gasp~ the Cold Stone Creamery creamer :thumbup:
  13. I've had great results with Kicking Horse coffee (can't remember the particular variety) picked up from the grocery store in a pinch (although pricey unless you catch it on sale!)
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  14. +1. Fortunately Shoppers has good sales on it from time to time.
  15. I'm really a big fan of Kicking Horse too. I think the Grizzly Claw is my favourite. I find their flagship Kick Ass a little bit to aggressive for my taste. The price is a bit steep, but if you find good sales it's not so bad. Is it available below the 49th?

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