Astra super platinum > Derby?

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  1. Hi all,

    I did a bit of blade experimentation last night with the derbys that came with my DE89, and the Astras that came with the rest of the kit. The Astras felt a bit sharper, and i got through the shave a bit quicker, and - here's the cool bit - much less irritation and no nicks. Are the derbys generally not as sharp as others? Obviously I'm still very new at this, but all I know is I won't be using the 4 remaining Derby blades!
  2. I tried Derby blades once and i didn't like them one bit. IMO they are rubbish but lots of people here still likes them.
  3. Derby and Astra are part of my normal blade rotation.

    I have several hundred of each.
  4. eth


    I like Astras, they cut my beard without cutting my face. I don't like Derbys at all. Look up my post in the shaving roulette thread for my thoughts on Derbys.

    YMMV, but your mileage may vary.
  5. Niles

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    Astra SP is my normal blade right now. I've used Derbys in the past and my opinion is they are not as sharp as the Astras.
  6. I did a blind test of Derby vs Astra SP here.

    A lot of people like Derby blades, but I don't think they feel anywhere near as good as the Astra - for me, Astra SP seems sharper and smoother, and I just don't like the feel of the Derby.

    But if you follow that test, you'll see that in the end I started to get some idea why some people like the Derby so much, even if I don't.
  7. I don’t use Astra at all anymore because of the insidious glue spots on the blade. That being said, if Derby’s are ever the only blade in the house, I’d sooner grow a beard or try shaving with the bread knife than load a Derby into a DE.
  8. +1 here. Total junk. YMMV.
  9. musicman1951

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    Many people, myself included, started with Derbys for the same reason you did - and concluded they were not going to use them ever again. On the other hand, many people find them to be very good blades and use them regularly. These things are determined by how the blade reacts to your beard and your face, and since you'll probably only be shaving your own face you'll have to try a bunch of blades and find out what works for you. My experience is that if you read enough posts you will find a good sized number of blades, soaps, etc. that a whole lot of people love. I have yet to be disappointed using any of these products. But the blades will still require some trial on your part. Enjoy the journey and don't feel the need to stick with a blade that is trying to disagree with your face.
  10. I have several razors and the Astra SP performs much better in them than the Derby; however, in two of my other razors, the Derby performs as well as the Astra. That's the way it works sometimes. A blade might not be good in one razor but may be great in another. So, keep the Derby blades to try in another razor some time.
  11. You know, I've got some Derbys from a blade sampler pack I've considered trying out. I started with Astras, followed by Shark, followed by Dorco. Shark and Dorco were well below the Astras IMO, so I just went back to using the Astras. I've been considering branching out again and trying a couple others, but somehow I think I'll just end up back with Astras: sharp blades, no tugging, minimal irritation, and a CCS consistently.
  12. I don't think it's ironic that Derby's are what is included in just about every modern razor you buy...they literally have to give them away. Matter a fact, you want mine?
  13. I really like the Astra's too, but try a SuperMax Super Platinum. About the same in cost (100/$13.50) but they are extremely smooth, sharp and literally irritation free for me...they've also got a fairly long life.
  14. +1 ... Now I find the Wilkinson Classic DE Blades rubbish ... the German made ones.
  15. Astras are pretty good blades for every day use. Haven't tried Derby yet.
  16. Since you live in Jax, I'll be happy to give you my Derby's! You want em? Send me a PM.
  17. I like Astra's but Derby's are my preferred blade, then again I'm still using a stock of 200 of the old horizontal Derby's and have never tried the verticals that I suspect you got with the razor.
  18. The Derby's are surprising ... depending what razor you put them in ... and as always ...YMMV
  19. Lot of hate for the Derby, I personally really enjoyed them. Used all 5 that came with my EJ89 and thought they were quite good. Started using a Wilkinson afterwards and preferred those, but just finished my 5 pack of Wilkinson so will go back to the Derby and see if I preferred the Wilkinson because I better technique or because i just like them more. I wouldn't throw the 4 Derby blades out. Would go back after a month or two and see if they feel any better. If they don't, then by all means put them in the trash or give them away.
  20. I was very happy with Derbys- untill I tried Astras- now the Astra is my go to blade. However- I just tried Kai blades and found them to outshine the Astra.

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