Any Michigan Interest?

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  1. Anyone in MI interested in meeting up? I know there is a few of you on here as I posted a Michigan thread not too long ago. I am from the metro Detroit area. I figured I would ask because I bumped into a few people in the new AOS Store in Somerset who were in dreamland after walking through the door. :001_smile
  2. I would be interested!!

    I had no idea the Somerset store is open!! I must go there!! :drool::drool::drool:

    I live in the Saginaw/Bay City/Midland region. :001_smile
  3. YUP! They just opened a couple of weeks ago! Great store and great staff! You NEED to check it out. Let's hope this post generates more interest than just for two people! LOL!
  4. garyg

    garyg Contributor

    I'd be interested, depending on the where & when - extreme SW Oakland County here
  5. I'm interested, but I'll only be in MI during July. I'm in the Army and I'll be on leave en route from Germany to Washington! From Otsego, south of Grand Rapids by about 30 min.
  6. Count me in also.
  7. I'm new here, also new to wet shaving. Would like to meet some fellow shavers. I know this is an old thread, hoping to get a response anyway.
  8. Where are you at bailman? I am in South east Michigan near Ann Arbor.
  9. I'd be down too. Flint here. I need to make my way down to somerset to check that out. I heard there is a sweet wet shaving shop out in AA. You know anything about that coachschaller?
  10. There are three places in Ann Arbor:
    Varsity Barber shop says they offer straight razor shaves but I can not confirm
    Coach and Four confirmed that they do straight razor shaves - with a real straight if you want.
    Maison Edwards is a tobacco shop and wet shaving place. They have wet shaving gear both hardware and software. Their prices are fair, but higher than the vendors on the forums.
  11. I'm interested! I'm in the Metro Detroit area.
  12. I am interested I live in Utica and work in Sterling Heights. Whos is up for Kuhnhenns in Warren for some good beer!
  13. im in utica ish.. 48317 and i love beer!!! i just got home from mt. clemens.. buffet cover band was playing on the river.
  14. I am always up for beer! I also jus found a place that sells cigars and has a bar! Bunch of guys sitting it leather chairs with a beer and a cigar. Now you are talking!
  15. i am now fun employed so i have the time. nicks steakhouse on 22 and van dyke. i wet the whistle there more than anywhere else. billy (owners middle son) asked me what im going to do now??? "sit here and drink". was my response.
    good people, excellent food!
  16. I have not tried it yet. I could walk there just about
  17. I see that nothing much has gone on in here for a while, but I'm Downriver (Wyandotte), and am up for checking things out.
  18. I think Wyandotte is about an hour away from Utica.
  19. Rudy Vey

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    I will be in MI (Jackson) the week of the 26th of November - i plan to stay the night of the 28-29 by the I could do a closer meetup with you guys on the 28th.
  20. I'm in,I live downriver (Lincoln Park) I heard of a place at telegraph and 12 mile area that has some shaving supplies.

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