$85-100 range: Simpson, Rooney, or Kent?

Discussion in 'Shaving Brushes' started by Krona Kruiser, Jul 10, 2012.

  1. The title says it all. Haven't tried a Rooney or Kent and I know that Simpson will deliver but I haven't had a Duke or Chubs. What's the most bang for my buck?
  2. maxman

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    Hmmm. Good question. Nice you put a price limit on it.
    The only Simpson I've ever liked that I've owned was a Duke 3.
    A fantastic brush. I'm not sure why I sold it. Wonderful for face lathering.

    The first good brush I started out with was a Rooney 3/2 in super.
    I still have it, but it's retired now as it is a shedder.
    That's OK it served me well for many years.
    The Rooney Heritage series is the way to go, but it's just outside your price range.

    As you know, I have a few Kent brushes and I like all of them.
    Kent brushes are very soft and just about as luxurious as you can get.

    The short version of all this is:
    1. Save up for a Heritage Series Rooney or keep your eyes peeled for the BST for one.
    2. The Duke 3 in best is the best bang for your buck.
    3. Kent can do it all with nice soft tips.
  3. Sounds like a great tip!
  4. Gruder

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    I'd add shavemac to the list, to be sure. Maybe Thater, too. Of the three you mentioned, I'd be most likely to go with the Kent.
  5. That's right, you can't rule out Shavemac and Thater at this price range.
  6. maxman

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    Ya know, It's funny.
    You can get a custom handle and a variety of knots from one of our many vendors in that price range.
    I have a Rudy Vey brush made up for face lathering that performs just as good as any of the "name brand" brushes.
    But for some reason, I like to have and use a name brand brush.

    My RV brush was made custom for me by my dimensions and the knot set to my specs.
    It really is a beautiful brush.

    It's not a big deal, we all will end up with one of each at some point.
  7. If you prefer to face lather, then the Duke 3 from WCS with the discount would be just within that price range and would make a good choice.
    A Kent brush might be a good way to go if you primarily bowl lather.
  8. Kent. I've owned all of them, they all face and ow lather any soap or cream u can throw at them. Get a Simpsons and ur likely to get a shedder or a scritchy tipped brush. I hear alot of inconsistency with their hair. Every single kent I've owned has been soft as a cloud. Don't let the softness fool u, they lather williams to proraso, to arko. Great, great brushes. And look overseas for a kent bk4 they can be had for the $80 mark. ;)
    Wish I could remember the site....
  9. I would either go with the Simpson or get a custom handle with a shavemac silvertip knot from Rudy Vey as those are the best feeling knots I have come across Duke or Chubby .... Really depends on face or bowl lather... scritch or none
  10. I face lather about 70% of the time. Don't mind scritch but I like soft brushes with a solid backbone that's not too dense.
  11. Man, I would go with a Chubby hands down. There is NO other brush on the planet like one. I have a #1, and it is amazing in any type of lathering. Feels great on the face too.
  12. +1 chubby in bext worth every penny
  13. Believe the site is www.feelunique.com.
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  14. +1 on feelunique..
  15. I think you just described a Simpsons Best Badger Classic 2 or Duke 2. You might find the Chubby too dense.

    If you are truly keen on very soft tips, for a wee bit more you could get this rarity: http://www.shaving.ie/products/Simpsons-Duke-2-Two-Band.html Softer tips, but I prefer the Best Badger myself. Out of all 20 or so Simpsons I've owned the only one that's overly scritchy is my Beaufort 4 in Pure, which I bought FOR the scritch.
  16. What's the discount deal w/WCS?
  17. I've got a Classic 1 and it is great for face lathering. I like it better than the Duke I used to own. As for WCS, enter BANB into the discount code section at checkout for a 10% discount on select items. Simpson brushes qualify for the discount.
  18. UGH! It's threads like this that make me want a new brush...
  19. You add the discount code BANDB during checkout for a 10% discount on Simpson Brushes. It's quite nice.
  20. Hope you find a cure for SBAD! The "perfect" brush. Does it exist?

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