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    B&B's Second Limited Edition Fountain Pen
    The 2012 LE By The Edison Pen Company
    Just in time for Fathers Day!

    The B&B team is very pleased to announce the second Limited Edition Fountain Pen. We are delighted to be working again with renowned custom pen maker Brian Gray, proprietor of theEdison Pen Company. Brian has graciously offered us the opportunity to do a group buy again on one of his Signature Series Pens. These pens previously have only been offered as “one offs’’. The Badger and Blade Limited Edition Fountain Pen will be based on the Herald Grande. The HG is a sleek and modern classic that harkens back to the Sheaffer’s of the 40's and 50's. The pen will be constructed of premium black and blue swirl ebonite, a Rhodium plated clip and polished steel nib.


    • Body Material: black/blue swirl premium German made ebonite
    • Clip Material: Rhodium plated
    • Nib Material: polished Steel
    • Nib Size: #6 nib, in Xfine, (.3mm), fine (0.5mm), medium (0.635mm), or broad (0.8mm) Tip size is approximate.
    • Cap Type: Screw-type, postable on body
    • Filling Mechanism: Cartridge/converter (converter included), or convertible to an eyedropper.
    • Weight w/ Cap 26g
    • Weight w/o Cap 15g
    • Cap Diameter .675"
    • Body Diameter .575"
    • Length Capped 6 1/2"
    • Length Uncapped 5 3/8"
    • ​Additional Nibs are available and easily swapped out, please contact Brian Gray directly for more info.


    The price of this pen is something that will certainly be appealing. Since Brian is doing this from all the same materials, the same design, with no customizations, he can give us a very good price. Due to the production setting of this pen's construction, it is easier for Brian to make numerous pens of the same style and material than it is to make a couple pens that are totally custom. $175.00 USD includes shipping CONUS.

    This group buy is open to all members; international shipping will be at additional cost. Please contact me for specifics to your location.

    Shipping and timing. We expect the pens to ship by 06/01/2012


    How to order >

    [FONT=verdana][COLOR=#800000]Send a PM to Jim[/COLOR], (including your [COLOR=#ff0000]PayPal e-mail address[/COLOR], [COLOR=#ff0000]first and last name[/COLOR]) and you will receive a Paypal invoice.

    [SIZE=3][COLOR=#ff0000]Please note in your PM which sized[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
    [FONT=verdana] nib[/FONT][COLOR=#ff0000][FONT=verdana] you would like.
    [B][I]The group buy will run for about two weeks. After the ordering period, this pen will no longer be available. All pens will be laser engraved with our badger head, serialized with xx of xx, Badger and Blade Limited Edition 2012.

    This picture shows the 2012 next to the 2011[/FONT][/SIZE]


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  2. strop

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    Glad I had time to fill my piggy bank!:clap::001_tt1::badger:
  3. Jim

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    As did I Mark!
  4. Dave258

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    Beautiful pen! Thank you Mods and Stewards and all else involved for this opportunity, and thank you Brian Gray for working with B&B!
  5. Had no problem resisting the first pen, but this one has me shifting in my seat. Beautiful!
  6. rearviewmirror

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    Very nice! I'm in for one. Can't wait
  7. Great looking pen but I'm torn between this and a full custom from Edison.
  8. rearviewmirror

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    this is pretty much a custom at the price of one of his production pens. I looked into it, and by the time I went custom and then had him grind a nib to a cursive italic, I was at a MUCH higher price point than I wanted to be. For $175 this is a steal of a pen.
    for nearly twice that I'd probably go with a M800. Maybe 1000.
  9. Wow! What a great looking pen!! Thanks to the moderators and Brian for coordinating this fine offer. When there was discussion of the last one, I preferred the blue/black ebonite over the green. So, I'm glad to see the blue/black ebonite show up for this one.

    It looks like it's a somewhat large pen, or maybe I'm just assuming that with the "grande" label. The measurements provided are certainly quite helpful in gauging the size, but I was wondering if it might be possible to post some additional comparison photos (capped/uncapped) alongside some common fountain pens (e.g. Parker "51," Pelikan 400 size, Esterbrook J, etc.) to get a better sense of how it shapes up. If not, I totally understand, but I just thought I'd ask ...

    And thanks again to those involved that are making this possible!
  10. rearviewmirror

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    Pretty good review of the EHG. You're right, its a BIG HONKIN PEN!
    From the stuff I found on a quick web search it's a bit bigger then a MB 149

    edit: apparently there is a good video in this thread about it, but i'm at work and youtube is blocked

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  11. (My) Brian did an Edison model overview a few months back, with pictures and video comparing all the models. So if you're familiar with other Edison pens, that might be helpful. http://www.inknouveau.com/2012/02/edison-model-showcase.html

    This blue/black ebonite is a really nice material. We used that for our summer 2011 Premiere LE. It is hard to photograph well and looks much better in person. Very nice pen!
  12. This will be my first fountain pen. Looks great and looking forward to it!
  13. This pen could result in disciplinary work action...

    B&B member whips it out of his pocket

    Female Co Worker - My Goodness! Your Pen is HUGE!

    B&B Member - Why, yes it is most impressive, how did you know? OH! You meant the Fountain Pen!!

    Very Dangerous!
  14. Is it possible to get a picture of both LE Edisons uncapped to see the nib sections and how the diameters compare? My fear is that the 2012 LE Edison will be too thick to be comfortable for me.
  15. My B&B 2011 LE is a daily writer for me. As a non-collector I would encourage anyone to take advantage of the group buy to acquire a pen from Brain. Its a great collector item and a even better deal for a pen you can use everyday. I prefer a larger pen as I write a lot at my desk during the day and I just don't believe you can find a better modern pen at this price. YMMV
  16. Wow- jumping in in a big way :001_smile She is a beauty

  17. I have a certain line from Blazing Saddles running through my head now.
  18. I did just that in Pixelmator; the nib is the same size as that all of his pens (save for the Mina) so I aligned them and overlaid the pens. I tried to save it in such a way that it was clear what was going on, but the results were less than stellar. More or less, think of the section of the Hudson Grande as the "blank" from which the Glenmont section was lathed. Apart from not having the scooped-out shape, at its widest points, it's maybe 1mm wider. *Edit* The difference looks to be QUITE significant in the middle of the section, however - 4mm or more. Unless I'm wrong.

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  19. strop

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    Great way to start into fountain pens. You won't be disappointed. The only potential problem is that you'll be spoiled.
  20. Jim

    Jim Moderator

    The AP pen is on the road but we will see what we can do about some more comparative photos with a couple of other pens.

    This is a large pen, but it is not cartoony or unmanageable in any way. The pen fits comfortably in my dress shirt pocket. The "section", or nib section is a fresh new design in this model pen from Mr. Gray. The pen committee all agreed that it was super comfortable and afforded a variety of grips to the user and was not noticed while the pen was being utilized. Particularly those who tend to hold the pen at the upper end of the section really enjoyed writing with it.

    While its on the large side of the signature line of pens it is not overly heavy or cumbersome to use. I found that writing with the cap un-posted was very pleasant.

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