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Uberlather: A Tutorial on How to Make Uberlather

This page was created in order to document the process of Uberlather and also describe what it is.


Uberlather is a mixture of three ingredients: a shaving soap, a shaving cream, and liquid glycerin. Any shaving soap or cream will work. The glycerin must be in liquid form. Glycerin is a humectant, meaning it attracts moisture to your skin. It is found in many soaps and creams and is an essential ingredient to make Uberlather. You can buy liquid glycerin in drug stores, grocery stores, natural food stores, and online.

This is the front of the bottle
Image Glyceriningredients2_opt.jpgThis is what the ingredients should state

Why Uberlather?

Uberlather combines the advantages of soaps and creams into one lather. Many wet shavers say that their problems of making lather from soap disappeared once they started using Uberlather. Uberlather does a superb job of softening your beard and leaving your face smooth after you shave. In fact, one suggestion is after your final pass gently massage any remaining Uberlather onto your entire face and neck and let it remain there for about one minute. Your face and neck will benefit from this treatment.

How does Uberlather differ from superlather?

The only difference is that Uberlather contains glycerin. You can think of it as superlather on steroids. The glycerin seems to intensify the superlather into a richer, thicker product that works wonders for those with sensitive skin.

Here is what you need

This is what you need

  1. A shaving brush. Badger, bristle, synthetic - it matters not what you use.
  2. A mug, dish, or bowl to hold your lather. I use a large soup mug that is 3.75" wide and 3" deep. I find that a mug of this size makes whipping up the lather easier.
  3. Shaving soap. Any soap will do. For this tutorial I am using Mama Bear's unscented.
  4. Shaving cream. Any cream will work. For this tutorial I am using Godrej DeLuxe.
  5. Glycerin.

The beauty of Uberlather is you can use your imagination to combine the soaps and creams. If you want an extra menthol experience, for example, you can combine a menthol soap and cream.

There are no correct or wrong combinations. You can mix a glycerin based product with one that contains lanolin or keep it in the same family.

The Steps

The initial steps for creating Uberlather are the same as making superlather.

1. Soak or wet your brush with warm water. If you can put the brush comfortably in your hand your have found the right temperature.
2. Add hot water to soften the soap. This step makes it easier to load the soap

3 Remove the water from the soap puck and from the bowl if you soaked your brush there.

4. Squeeze the brush to remove excess water. How much you squeeze depends upon the soap you are using. If you use soft, Italian soaps, for example, you will keep the brush wet. If you are using Mitchell's Wool Fat your brush should be dryer.

5. Add some shaving cream to the bowl. The amount you add is up to you. However, generally you don't need to add as much as you normally would for a cream since you are using soap in addition to the cream. However, if you are using Cella you will want to add more cream than you usually do if you use a wet brush. Keep in mind you can always add more cream as you mix your lather. As a general rule I like to use between a pea size and almond size amount of cream. Cream is cheap so for me more is better. Also, this is the time you add a few drops of glycerin to the cream. I usually add 3 or 4 drops of glycerin right on top of the cream that is in the bowl.

First comes the cream
A few drops of glycerin
Glycerin, a few drops of water, and cream

6. Take your wet brush to the soap puck and swirl it around. I do between 10 and 20 swirls on the soap puck to charge the brush. Experiment and see what works best for you. Again, there is no set formula. If you like soap, use more soap.

Swirl the brush on the puck
What the brush looks like

7. Take the brush that you have charged with lather to the bowl that contains the cream and glycerin and whip it up. Add water as needed. Usually, Uberlather does not take a long time to make - usually a minute or two.

Soap combines with cream & glycerin
This is what Uberlather looks like

And there you have it.

First pass
Fourth pass

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