Stropping Techniques

How to use a Hanging Strop

The instructions are identical whether you are using a linen/canvas side or not. Assuming you have a linen/canvas side to the strop, start with the canvas/linen side as shown below. If you do not have a canvas/linen side on your strop, merely use the same method - just on the smooth leather side of the strop.

You would use your strop between each shave. The number of laps vary from person to person. On average, the minimum is around 50-60 laps on leather. Anything else is extra that will potentially make your edge last longer.

Step 1

Start with the linen/canvas side facing up (so you can see it) and firmly pull the strop taut straight out towards you so it is as flat as possible.

Step 2

Using NO pressure, leading with the spine, and keeping the razors spine and blade as flat as possible, slide the razor across the strop in a diagonal manner (see picture below) so that the entire length of the blade is stropped across the canvas/linen.

Step 3

Roll the razor, picking the edge of the razor off of the strop, and turning the razor around in the opposite direction.

Step 4

Perform a DIAGONAL stroke the same manner as in step 2, yet in the opposite direction, you have just made an elongated "X" across the strop as the two strokes (one in each direction) combined to look like an "X." Step 2 and 4 combined are considered 1 complete stroke or pass. Do approximately 30 passes/strokes (both directions).

Step 5

Flip the strop over to the leather side, and strop back and forth in the same manner as above about 60 times.

Your razor has been properly stropped, and ready to shave!

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