Razor Replating

Razor Replating

The topic of razor replating has arisen frequently in the Badger and Blade Safety Razor Forum. This topic, or questions relating to this topic are asked frequently and this wiki page is being created to aid members with questions.

As members talk more about replating in the boards, other ideas, names, and topics will pop-up. Once new information is gleaned, it can be added to this wiki. Please feel free to add additional information that might be missing from this article. If you don't have time, or don't want to update this article yourself, PM akira7799 with the information you want to be added and he'll be happy to add it to this article.

Keep in mind that cleaning your safety razor properly will bring it "back to life". Safety razor maintenance is the key step in initial care and cleaning.

Replating razors will let your razor be "born again". The rest of this wiki will deal with the topic of replating.

What is Razor Replating?

Razor replating refers to the broader electrochemical process of "electroplating". In electroplating, charged metal ions are moved from one media to another. This could be the process of cleaning/stripping a razor of the old metal plate (i.e. moving metal ions from the razor to a solution of charged metal ions), or it can refer to the process by which the new plating is added to the razor, moving metal ions from solution onto the razor. Typically the metals used in razor replating are the exact same ones used in the initial fabrication of most razors (i.e. gold, silver, rhodium, or nickel).

The base metal of the razor itself can affect the replating process. Older Gillette razors tend to be plated brass, which is relatively easy to replate. But some razors also have parts made from aluminum, or from zinc alloys (zamak) which can be more difficult to replate.

Replating costs vary from $30 to upwards of $60 per razor, depending upon vendor, metal used, and extent of work needed.

Threads About Replating Razors

Replating Services

These listings are not an endorsement of any plating service. Caveat emptor.

B&B Member Name2/3 PieceTTOAdjustableNotesWebsite
onotomanYesYesYesUK Replate ServiceRestored Razors
Krona KruiserYesYesYes-Krona Kruiser Razors
N/AYesYesYesTel. 508-222-0620Reliable Electroplating
N/AYes??Tel. 510-536-6533Gold Seal Plating

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