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Paul Richard Kuehnrich

Paul Richard Kuehnrich

Paul Richard Kuehnrich ca. 1920s[1]
Born:1871, Germany
Died:1932-04-28, Sheffield UK
Accomplishments:Metallurgist, inventor, manufacturer of Darwin razors and blades.
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Life and Accomplishments

Born in Germany around 1871, Paul Richard Kuehnrich moved to Sheffield, UK ca. 1888 and joined in the booming steel industry. Initially he worked as a salesman for Marsh Brothers, traveling in Europe.[2] By 1906 he had formed his own company, Darwin & Milner.

In 1916 Kuehnrich applied for UK patent GB106187, which was granted in 1917. This patent, filed in the USA as US1277431, described a high-speed cobalt steel. This steel was trademarked as "PRK 33". In 1926 Kuehnrich formed a new company, Darwin Ltd., which made razor blades and later safety razors from cobalt steel.

In August 1894 Kuehnrich became a naturalized British citizen.[3] However in the period leading up to and during WWI, he was sometimes suspected of German loyalties.

Financial difficulties led to his death by suicide in 1932. He was survived by a daughter, Frieda Hidlegarde Kuehnrich.[4]


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