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New VS Vintage DEs

New vs. Vintage Safety Razor

At one stage when wetshaving, most will ask themselves if they should buy a new or vintage safety razor [1]. Some prefer the new razors, others are nostalgic or simply like the shave better from a vintage razor[2]. Either way, there's nothing wrong. You might ask yourself why would someone use something that was so personal like a razor?


A vintage razor could provide you with great shaves. The proof is that you might find a razor older than your grand-father. If you are afraid of germs, don't worry, you can clean them quickly and very easily. Just see this page. Finding a vintage razor could be a quest, it can be hard or easy. The razor itself could be like new or have all the plating missing. Regardless of how it looks, it might give you the shaves!


When you go with something new, you can find a modern made razor that shave has good as a vintage safety razor. We are all different and get different results. Some use only new razors and collect vintage razors[3]. If you're unsure if you can use a vintage razor, simply ask on the forum and post some pictures[4]. The best way to know if a razor is good or not, have a look at the reviews and try one! New safety razors have a nice finish on them making them very shiny and, well, new looking. You can prefer a new safety razor to a vintage and that's all right, the shaves have very high chances to be excellent![5]

Bottom line?

In the end, choose a razor that appeal to you, to your liking[6]. If it's new or vintage, it can give you a good or bad shave. The chances of a bad shave with a vintage razor are lower since those stood the test of time. If it was bad, it would probably be in a garbage or recycle bin by now. However, vintage doesn't mean always good. It can be so used up that you cannot it anymore. There are many modern production razors/models today. You just need to find what looks like the best for you!

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