Name of Safety Razor Parts


This page intends to list all Safety Razors parts by name. This page is part of the Interactive Guide to DE Razor Shaving.

Which Part is Which?

Here is a list of all the parts of a safety razor as it was discussed on the forum[1]:

Safety Razor Adjuster Dial on an Adjustable Razor
Adjuster Dial
Dial indicator on an Adjustable Razor
Dial Indicator
End caps on a Safety Razor
Dial Indicator
A notch on the safety razor for easier blade loading
Notch on Safety Razor
Safety Razor Guard Bar or Safety Bar. Sometimes referenced as "Closed Comb" which is incorrect.
Load-Bar or Center Bar (where the blade goes to be centered).
Smooth band on some models can indicate the date made
Smooth band
Open Comb teeth design guard
Open Comb teeth
Flare Tip design on end of handle
Fare tip
Bullet posts (for aligning the blade)
Inner barrel
Inner Barrel
Ball end handle
ball end handle
Thumb Tab
Short long and long comb teeth
long & short combs
slanted bar guard
slanted bar
lather slots, also called Gutter slots
lather slots
Cap central shaft
Cap central shaft
Central Shaft
central shaft

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