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Hi xxxxxxx,

We've noticed you turning out some really nice XXXXXXXXXXXxxx(brushes, strops, razors etc)XXXX recently, they're looking great, its always good to see more wetshaving kit being made out there.. Before long you'll be the next XXXXXXXXxxx(Rudy Vey, Brian Brown, etc)xXXXXXXX! Speaking of which, have you considered going down the Hobbyist route here at B&B? Its probably more fitting to your current output - and it would allow you to have your own thread in the Hobbyist & Vendor Classifieds forum, as opposed to the various BST threads you're using at the moment. The BST isn't really meant as a "storefront" so if you decide against becoming a Hobbyist or Vendor you will have to cut back on your sales in there. Let me know how i can help in your transition from member to Hobbyist or Vendor. These are paid subscriptions but they bring benefits that allow you to promote and grow a business on B&B. I'm happy to send you more details about our subscription programs (what the different levels of badges get you etc).

Thanks, keep up the good work, and let me know what you think

The mod team

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