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Lorenzo Villoresi

Company Info

Lorenzo Villoresi perfume house was founded in 1990 in Florence (Italy). In their original expression Lorenzo Villoresi's perfumers use both local materials as well as spices and oils imported from all over the World. Villoresi's perfume line is divided into Classic and Fantasy Fragrances. Former group is consisted mostly of monothematic fragrances such as MUSK, SANDALO, PATCHOULI, INCENSI, SPEZIE, VETIVER, WILD LAVENDER. It also includes the first two fragrances produced by Villoresi house UOMO and DONNA. Latter was inspired by “olfactory visions” that recall exotic and dreaming worlds and include TEINT DE NEIGE, ALAMUT, PIPER NIGRUM, YERBAMATE and IPERBOREA.

Product Information

  • Fragrances: Some of the Villoresi's 'monothematic' style fragrances like SANDALO, VETIVER or PATCHOULI find lot of fans among the shaving population. PIPER NIGRUM from the 'Fantasy line' could also be mentioned as more popular fragrance.

  • Grooming products: Lorenzo Villoresi offers after shave and shaving soap with the legendary UOMO scent as well as stylish soap dish and shaving brush with characteristic octagonal shape made of white marble.

  • Bath and skin care products: Some of the fragrance ranges from Villoresi's collection are complemented with bathing soaps and creams.
  • Lorenzo Villoresi official site

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