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What's a honemeister?

A honemeister is by definition someone who is a professional honer (sharpener) of straight razors.


Nothing in this post or this page can be taken as any sort of endorsement by B&B (or by me or any of the Mods) of the services mentioned. This is simply a collection point for information, not an assessment of the services offered. While I will try to keep the information here relatively current, we do not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided, and it is your obligation to contact the Honemeister in question to finalize any honing service.

The List


New South Wales - NSW

  • Simon Chambers (B&B member Buckler)
    • Send a PM to contact Buckler
    • Straight Razor Honing & Restoration/repairs

Queensland - Qld

  • DC Blades (Dion)
    • Email: dcblades (at) bigpond.com
    • Straight Razor Honing & Restoration/repairs

  • Steve Colling
    • email: s.k.colling (at) gmail.com
    • Straight Razor Honing & Restoration/repairs

Victoria - Vic


New Zealand

  • Vadim Zveryanskiy
    • Auckland: 02108930173
    • sanich59 (at) list.ru
    • Straight Razor Honing


  • The Vintage Scent (B&B member Leon)
    • Send a PM to contact Leon
    • Straight Razor Honing

South Africa

  • Jacques Du Plessis
    • Email: ajduplessis72 (at) gmail.com
    • Straight Razor Honing & Restoration/repairs



California - CA

Idaho - ID

Iowa - IA

  • Stefan (B&B member mainaman)
    • Send a PM to contact mainaman or
    • Email: mainaman (at) gmail.com
    • Straight Razor Honing & Restoration/repairs

Montana - MT

  • Petty Creek Cutlery (B&B member @thp001)
    • Send a PM to contact @thp001
    • Straight Razor Honing

Rhode Island - RI

  • Alfredo (B&B member Doc226)
    • Send a PM to contact Doc226
    • Straight Razor Honing & Restoration/repairs

United Kingdom



Vendors Selling "shave ready" Straight Razors

These vendors may also accept outside sourced honing work but it is best to first ask them.

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