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Gillette Super Adjustable

Gillette Super Adjustable

Gillette Super Adjustable
Dates in Production:1968 - 1988
Type:DE, TTO, Adjustable 1-9
Weight:69-g (2.4-oz) Super-84 or Super-109 with metal plate; 58-g (2-oz) Super-109 with plastic plate
Height:94-mm (Super-84); 119-mm (Super-109) *


Date code may be found on the either side of the plate.

Notes of Interest:

The long handle variant has a 109-mm handle and was sometimes labeled "Super-109"; the short-handled variant has an 84-mm handle and was sometimes labeled "Super-84"[1]. The height in the summary is the total height (or length) of each. Either variant appears to have the same weight.

[post=3499084]Achim has reported[/post] seeing the Super Adjustable with an N-3 date code, placing the start of production in 1968. The O-4 1969 were available plated in gold or nickel. Later models changed to plastic underside of head, and from 1982 the razor handle had diamond knurling without the longitudinal groves of previous models.

Some have claimed that a blue handle variant was made toward the end of production for this model, with an example from 1986[2]. However, this variant is not mentioned by any authorities and is not known to collectors, so the picture below may simply be a user modification[3].

*Note: Some discrepancy appears with the overall height (not handle only) of a 'Super-109' date code T4 measured with digital calipers at 109.7mm. Not sure if this is a different model to the Super-109 discussed above or a mis-type of the recorded data.


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