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Gillette Red Tip Super Speed

Gillette Red Tip Super Speed

Red Tip Super Speed
Dates in Production:1955-1960
Type:DE, TTO
Weight:64-66 g

Description: Marketed for those who like the feel of a heavier razor or have to cut tough whiskers.

Notes of Interest:
  • Contemporary with Blue tip or Flare tip models, but heavier and more agressive.
  • With C-1 production, a new '+' mark under each side of the base plate began to appear.
  • There were at least two handle styles, pictured on this page. With C-4 or D-1 Gillette lowered the crimped band above the knob slightly. Probably at the same time, a retaining ring replaced the older cross-head bolt inside the handle, the handle hole grew from 6-mm to 7-mm, and the weight was reduced from 66-g to 64-g.
  • Date code F is rare, and has only been seen as F-1[1].



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