Gillette Double Ring

Gillette Double Ring Safety Razor

Gillette Double Ring
Dates in Production:1903 to 1906
Type:DE, 3 Piece, Open Comb

Description: Notes of Interest:
  • This was the first Gillette safety razor. Models produced prior to November of 1904 will have "PAT. APL'D FOR" on the band near the bottom knob. Models produced after November 1904 will have "PAT. NOV. 15.04" on the band.The first 25,424 of these carried the markings "PAT. APL'D FOR", as did the unnumbered ones. Note that "Double Ring" refers to the two rings on the neck of the razor, not the knob at the end.

Double Ring Database

Double Ring Razors registered by B&B Members. For details of how the Double Ring serial numbers intersect with the Single Ring serial numbers see the Wiki page here

Double Ring Razors registered by B&B Members.

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2010-05-241903-04Pat. Apl'd For0 - No Serial #Charleston, WV
2011-11-261903-04Pat. Apl'd For0 - No Serial #Canberra, Australia
2011-01-021903-04Pat. Apl'd For0 - No Serial #Wichita, KSB&B member Domminigan
2012-03-151903-04Pat. Apl'd For0 - No Serial #IL, USA
2013-04-151903-04Pat. Apl'd For/Inverted0 - No Serial #Singapore
2013-10-061903-04Pat. Apl'd For/Inverted0 - No Serial #Iowa
2015-06-121903-04Pat. Apl'd For0 - No Serial #San Marino, CA US
2016-11-281903-04Pat. Apl'd For0 - No Serial #Lake Worth, FL USAOwned by Jcborr00
2017-02-201903-04Pat. Apl'd For0 - No Serial #Bay Head, NJ USAOwned by GlennConti Gillette Double Ring goes for $770 on eBay
2017-04-061903-04Pat. Apl'd For0-No Serial #Delray Beach, FL USAOwned by myersb68
2017-10-281903-04Pat. Apl'd For/Inverted0 - No Serial #Springfield, MO
2009-06-051904Pat. Apl'd For0 - Serial #?Canberra, AustraliaBelieved to belong to member TSWebster and is a rebuild per this thread.
2010-04-141906Pat. Nov. 15.040 - Serial #?Melbourne, AustraliaShould have a serial number, but unknown.
2012-06-151904Pat. Apl'd For4647Glendale, NY
2011-02-111904Pat. Apl'd For6768Decorah, IA
2011-04-021904Pat. Apl'd For10190Indiana
2011-03-061904Pat. Apl'd For/Inverted15673Michigan
2012-03-091904Pat. Apl'd For16951Jenks, Oklahoma
2019-03-191904Pat. Apl'd For19219Los Angeles, California
2010-07-211904Pat. Nov. 15.0421964Charleston, WV
2014-05-141904Pat. Nov. 15.0427300Narooma, NSW, Australia
2010-01-151904Pat. Nov. 15.0433019Houston, TX
2014-07-031904Pat. Nov. 15.0438146Owned by TommyG
2012-10-181904Pat. Nov. 15.0438815Detroit, MI
2014-05-111904Pat. Nov. 15.0439488Owned by TommyG
2012-12-071904Pat. Nov. 15.0444757Birmingham, AL
2010-07-061904Pat. Nov. 15.0445107Charleston, WV
2018-02-031905Pat. Nov. 15:0448576Wichita, KSB&B member Domminigan
2012-11-041905Pat. Nov. 15.0455949Iowa
2011-09-091905Pat. Nov. 15.0458903Shekou, China
2015-12-131905Pat. Nov. 15.0459609Bellaire, TXB&B member TexLaw
2011-07-071905Pat. Nov. 15.0461408Canberra, Australia
2013-07-051905Pat. Nov. 15.0461796Portland, OR
2009-11-151905Pat. Nov. 15.0463837Weston, MA USA
2011-08-011905Pat. Nov. 15.0464345Indiana
20151905Pat. Nov. 15.0474408Wichita, KSB&B member Domminigan
2015-08-171905Pat. Nov. 15.0775237Castle Rock, COB&B member ks6c
19081905Pat. Nov. 15.0480106San Marino, CA US
2015-05-201905Pat. Nov. 15.0480239Bellaire, TXB&B member TexLaw
2013-06-071905Pat. Nov. 15.0487672Singapore
2014-21-031905Pat. Nov. 15.0497597Wichita, KSB&B member Domminigan
2012-13-071905Pat. Nov. 15.04122557Wichita, KSB&B member Domminigan
2010-05-201905Pat. Nov. 15.04209740Portland, OR USA
2014-12-251905Pat. Nov. 15.04212458Union, MS
2016-03-021905Pat. Nov. 15.042151_1Mountain Top, PAB&B member phishsublime; second to last number is illegible but appears to be 0 or 6
2015-05-061905Pat. Nov. 15.04230699Bellaire, TXB&B member TexLaw
2015-04-101905Pat. Nov. 15.04233307Castle Rock, COB&B member ks6c
2012-10-181905Pat. Nov. 15.04236598Detroit, MI
2015-06-121905Pat. Nov. 15.04241240San Marino, CA US
20171905Pat. Nov. 15.04253422Wichita, KSB&B member Domminigan
2018-04-161905Pat. Nov. 15. 04256023Lake Worth FL, USAOwned by jcborr00
2012-07-061905Pat. Nov. 15.04256251Parma, Italy
2014-12-011905Pat. Nov. 15.04266221Alberta, Canada
20161905Pat. Nov. 15.04270834Wichita, KSB&B member Domminigan
2014-07-061905Pat. Nov. 15.04271956Yucaipa, CAB&B member Chronarch
2011-09-091905Pat. Nov. 15.04272396Shekou, China
2011-06-281906Pat. Nov. 15.04458142Shekou, China
2014-01-141906Pat. Nov. 15.04494483Greensboro, NCB&B member DrAwkward
2011-02-261906Pat. Nov. 15.04589850Quebec, CanadaOriginally reported 1904, but serial number suggests 1906.
2016-5-281905Pat. Nov. 15.04113021
2015-04-181905Pat. Nov. 15 04118387Gilford,NH
2016-11-041904Pat. Nov, 15 0423406Hazelwood, MO
2013-11-241905Pat. Nov. 15 04204494Dallas Metro
2016-05-261904-06PAT NOV 15.040 - No Serial #Taylor, TXNo serial number. Suspect inner barrel must be a mismatch

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