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Gillette Atra


The Atra (called the "Contour" or "Slalom" outside the Americas, except Brazil, where it is also called the Contour),[1] probably because of the existing ASR Single-Edge Contour and Contour II razors) was the first pivoting cartridge razor, introduced by Gillette in 1976[2] or 1977.[3][4] Gillette modified the Atra with a lubricating strip in 1985,[5] branding it the "Atra Plus" or "Contour Plus." While the Atra handle has been discontinued in the Americas, the Gillette Cartridges are still widely available, at least in the US and Canada. The Contour Plus handle continues to be made and sold in Europe. No[6]. Later, in India and China, the "Vector" and "Vector Plus" cartridges were introduced, that fit on the Atra Handle.


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