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Gillette Aristocrat 1950s

Gillette Aristocrat Safety Razor, 1950s

1940s Aristocrat
Dates in Production:1948 - sometime in the early 1950s (It was first believed that production ended in 1950 and that the Aristocrat had no date code. However some have been seen with a date code of W meaning these were still in production in 1951[1]. Others claim to have seen this model with a date code of A for 1955[2]
Type:DE, TTO
Weight:2.4 oz / 67 g

  • Gold plated, knurling present below the neck, smooth above the TTO mechanism.
Notes of Interest:
  • Introduced in 1948, this is the "third" closed-comb Aristocrat model, which features a notched center bar to make replacing the razor blade faster and safer. Ads refer to this as the Improved Aristocrat. This notch improvement was done for the Milord and Superspeed as well. The paper outer box is shown below as well as the instructions.

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