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Gillette Aristocrat 1930s

Gillette Aristocrat Safety Razor, 1930s Open Comb TTO

1930s Aristocrat
Dates in Production:1934-1939
Type:DE, TTO, Open Comb
Weight:2.3oz/66g. Rhodium plated version: 2.6oz/73g
Height:82-83 mm

  • Gold plated, barber pole style handle with 12 curved combs on both sides of razor head.
Notes of Interest:
  • This model was introduced for the holiday season of 1934 and retailed for $4.00. This was the first twist to open model Gillette offered. There were 2 different boxes for these razors; a gold plated case with a greek key pattern, and the blue leather box. Additionally, the late 30's Aristocrat has no rivets visible on the side of the head. Please see the last photograph, picture credit to enderi.
  • As the first TTO Gillette, this razor was associated with seven new patents.

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