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Gillette 40s Style Super Speed

Gillette 40s-50s Super Speed

40s-style Super Speed
Dates in Production:1947-1954
Type:DE, TTO


Has a fine diamond texture on upper and lower handle, one horizontal line on upper handle, two horizontal lines on lower handle. The bottom of the guard plate is stamped with "MADE IN U.S.A." and the Gillette diamond logo.

Notes of Interest:

War production only from 1942-1945. Full civilian production resumed in 1946. In 1948 the center bar gained a notch for easier loading from a blade dispenser, and came in a brown leatherette case. 1949 came in a red plastic case. Prior to 1950 the blade bed read "PAT. NOS. ON PACKAGE", and in 1950 this transitioned to "PAT. NOS. ON PKG.". Date codes were also in transition from 1950, so examples may have a date code, or may not. Examples stamped V-3 are known to exist[1], but date codes became more widespread in 1951 (W) and later.

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