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Gentlemanly Indulgences


This page intends to present all Gentlemanly Indulgences.


Alcohol has never been exclusively the domain of men or gentlemen, but some alcoholic beverages do require a more complex palate and willingness to acquire a taste for, say, Scots whisky or India Pale Ale. Not all gentlemen indulge in alcoholic drinks but for those who do, the following links are provided.

Distilled Spirits




Again, interest in firearms is certainly not limited to gentlemen. As the topic arises from time to time on the B&B, the following links are provided.

For those of you who think their firearms should be as classic as the blades you use, you might take a look at
The Single Action Shooting Society. The focus is on the use of Single Action Revolvers and firearms from the mid-1800's to the turn of the century. It's a lot of fun and yet another way to burn cash.

Food and recipes

  • Food is one of the Gentleman's indulgences (whether the food is "gourmet" or "backyard") and is enjoyed by all. Follow the link for a list of recipes.

Gentlemen's Essentials

  • A resource of knowledge and manners intended for the Gentleman. Link


Non-alcoholic beverages

  • Most of these beverages are discussed in The Café.


  • For those interested in tea, consult the very thorough Tea FAQ.


  • The detailed Coffee FAQ provides more information on coffee, its history and its details.

Soft drinks


  • Not all gentlemen indulge in tobacco products, but for those who do, the following links are provided.





The Darkroom

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