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Gem Zinn Automatic

Zinn Gem Automatic

Manufacturer: Gem Cutlery Company, Brooklyn, NY

Dates in Production: 1905 - ?

Type: ?

Description: Lather catcher style razor using disposable blades. Silver head and black celluloid handle.

Notes of Interest: Quite possibly the very first 'disposable blade' razor manufactured - these were produced from 1905 onwards and designed to utilize disposable single edge blades. Modern blades can be modified to be used in this razor making not only a rare collectible, but a razor which is entirely able to be used. Modern injector style blades fit well and double edge blades can be halved and trimmed to fit providing for great flexibility when coming up with a blade to fit your beard. Not to be confused with the similar-looking Gem Junior Bar which was smaller and had a different wood handle, the Zinn is a truly spectacular early days single edge razor.


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