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Julie Moore is the master craftswoman and proprietor of Dirty Bird Pottery, based in King George, Virginia. Since the introduction of her Dirty Bird Scuttle--and later, the Dirty Bird Brush Scuttle--Julie has gained much renown in the world of wet shaving accessories. In addition to shaving accessories, Julie also offers bird feeders, desk organizers, minipots, garlic pots, salt containers, sponge holders, egg separators, toothbrush holders, tea mugs, french butter dishes, soap pumps, tumblers, soap dishes, and hummingbird feeders.

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  • Dirty Bird Scuttle - The Dirty Bird Scuttle is one of three modern scuttles available to the wet shaving community. Unlike many scuttles that require lather to be created in a separate vessel due to a small inner reservoir size, Julie has designed the Dirty Bird Scuttle to be large enough to accommodate lather creation within the scuttle itself. The exterior dimensions of the Dirty Bird Scuttle are 5" (127mm) wide x 3.5" (89mm) high; and the interior dimensions are 3.5" (89mm) wide x 2" (51mm) deep. In addition, Julie offers a Double Sized Dirty Bird Scuttle with interior dimensions of 5" (127mm) wide x 4" (102mm) deep. Several colors/finishes are available by request, the most popular of which being Cobalt Blue.
  • Dirty Bird Brush Scuttle - Another option available to those interested in purchasing a Dirty Bird Scuttle is the Dirty Bird Brush Scuttle; a taller, thinner scuttle designed to keep lather and brush warm but not for actual lather creation. The inner reservoir is designed with a more cylindrical shape than that of the Moss Scuttle with the intent of exposing more ceramic surface area to the brush; and therefore exposing the brush to more heat, increasing and maintaining both lather and brush warmth. The interior conical dimensions are approximately 2.75" (70mm) tapering to 1.25" (32mm) wide x 3.25" (83mm) deep. Several colors/finishes are available by request.
  • Customization - To further complicate matters, Julie will customize any Dirty Bird Scuttle or Dirty Bird Brush Scuttle to a customer's specifications, adding endless possibilities to the variations available in the world of Dirty Bird Scuttles. It is important to note, however, that requests for custom work can and may involve additional crafting time and/or additional cost. It is important to discuss each aspect of your request with any craftsman before commissioning a custom piece of their work.

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